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The Holidays In Hollywood!

By: Brian Gilleece

Hope the weekend was great! Let's chat one last time this year about what to get yourself for the holidays..........Productivity!

The Holidays are great, time to see family and friends, eat some delicious food, drink some good drinks, and time off away from work. BUT, don't get to crazy. Because while everyone will tell you "everything" completely "shuts down" during the holidays....

Guess what...

#1, thats not true.

Things still cast and shows still shoot and someone has to book them right? So if you don't have to book out, don't.

#2....they switch on HARDCORE first week back!

So let's stay ready so we don't have to get ready, with some pro tips on how to stay productive and locked in during a time when most are grabbing fistfuls of fruit cake and slingin' back egg nog.

Make A Plan and Check it Twice...

One of the easiest ways to combat year-end distractions is to come up with a work plan you can follow for the last few months of the year. Talk to your managers and agent and create a few things that may need to be done to update your profile, help your image or further develop your brand. Create a concrete schedule for when you'll do what, and stick to it. The reason this works so well is it cuts down on your indecisiveness. When you're distracted, it's much harder to make decisions. When there is a list of "to do's" When --it's simply a matter of getting down to business.

Wrap Up A Project With Care.

It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the easiest ways to stay productive during the holidays is to take some time off. Wait what? No not from the gym... Sorry I can't prescribe to that... ever. BUT, Make the most of these days by using them to get through errands that might be distracting you on the day to day.

For example, do you have a short film left to edit, or a photoshop project to do, or a script to write, a book to read or monologue to digest that have been sitting idle for a while? Write down your projects and get to work on them one by one undistracted from all the things that can pull your focus. Take time off with the things that have been warming on the back burner.

What A Bright Time, It's The Right Time... To Focus.

Focus on one task at a time. Honestly, most people are terrible at multitasking, even if they think they rock it. When you multitask, you're also a lot more likely to make mistakes, which means more wasted time when you have to fix issues later.

Give your projects and efforts the full effort they each deserve. If you are relaxing, RELAX.... If you are at the Gym, WORKOUT....If you are writing, WRITE....Don't try to do it all at once, give your mind the latitude to do something 100% unfettered by the distractions of regular days.

And The Stockings were hung with Weights.

Weights don't celebrate the holidays. The Holidays can be a time to take things to another level or slide backwards and start the new year and new season in a hole. Maintaining your fitness routine is not just to combat the higher than average calorie intake of the holidays--it's also to keep your mind sharp.

Working out releases endorphins, expels toxins and keeps your brain it's most capable, creative and relaxed. Plus you will look better in that holiday sweater!If you dont have a solid fitness routine, there is not time like the present! Give your self the gift of fitness this holiday season and step into 2020 better then ever!

Yuletide sung by some actors.

Your fellow creatives are going through the same things you are during the holidays, so why not link up! Maybe sit around the fire and brainstorm that web series you have been wanting to, or find someone to help you put some scenes on tape that me be valuable for your reps.

Sidebar: How psyched would your agent and manager be if on Jan 1 you emailed them a few REALLY rockin' self tape scenes they may be able to use to pitch you?
Trying to find a way to deepen or create a relationship with your agent? Tryna find a way to let them know you are dead serious about this career?
Sidebar #2: Have you sent your agent a gift? You have like 4 days to do it until they are out of the office. Thoughtful, not expensive.

Maybe your friend needs help shooting a short or maybe you volunteer at a SAG-AFTRA event or film festival. Get together with other creatives and turn all that energy into productivity and cheer!

Ho Ho Handle your Business.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to stay on track is just to remind yourself...

What is my track? Why am I Here, what do i need to accomplish and what commitment is that going to take? Like Bay Dariz posted suggested last week, and I speak about often, getting to your goals is not accomplishing monumental tasks but consistently doing the things that will get you to your goal...

Even when it's not easy and most people are not doing it.



Have a wonderful, safe and productive holiday season! 2020 is going to be the best year yet! See you then!

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