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Hey Team!

I have been thinking of creative ways that y’all can stay active during this crazy time - so I would like to propose the following project for Team Cinterra. Note this is VOLUNTARY of course - but we’d love to have as many of you as possible participate.

I realize that there is a lot of stress during this time - trying to figure out how to keep yourself going etc… I will be sharing a number of links later today for resources that can be helpful. But staying active creatively if you can, is also important.


The history of film and television is FULL of inspirational monologues and speeches. Heck, where would the entire rom-com genre be without the “confession” speech that comes at the end when the one character chases down the other?

Maybe it is the “Get Busy Living” speech from Shawshank, or the “Commencement Speech" from Legally Blonde. Maybe it is one of my personal favorites “The Whole Truth” speech from Dave. Or it can be funny - like any Ferris’ fourth-wall breaking speeches. Maybe it is one of Papa Pope’s from Scandal. Or something from Sorkin. Think of a speech from TV / Film that you love and has inspired you in some way. Maybe it is the speech that made you want to be an actor.

So… here is the challenge:

Find your favorite inspirational monologue or speech from TV/Film.

You can do anything, but we recommend thinking about your TROPES here.

  • If the speech was originally given by a dude, but it fits in your casting then go for it. And likewise if you are a dude but want to tackle Baby’s speech to her dad in Dirty Dancing because you are going after romantic lead roles and want to show your heart, then great!

  • Remember this is like “song choice” on American Idol.

  • If you are going to do a famous speech, you better be ready to be compared to the actor who originally delivered it. Only do this if you think you can “sing the song differently.”

  • We recommend to really do some deep digging - better to do a forgotten, but awesome, speech from a random episode of your personal favorite show, that maybe nobody has thought about in a long time, rather than not nail it on the “Mad as Hell” speech from Network.

  • But also - if you want to tackle the Mad as Hell speech - then go for it!

Rehearse the monologue UNTIL IT IS YOURS.

  • I HIGHLY recommend trying to find the text of the monologue online if possible, rather than watching a clip of the original actor performing it and transcribing it. Do as much as you can to separate yourself from the original performance.

  • This shouldn’t be hard - I did a search for everything I mentioned above and more, and everything is on the internet somewhere LOL.

Self-tape - PHONES HORIZONTALLY PLEASE - on a plain background in a medium to close shot that is well-lit!

  • Please, if possible, avoid door-frames or anything distracting in the background.

WeTransfer to us via

Monologues must be over 1 minute but a maximum of 4 minutes total. They must be INSPIRATIONAL in some way. We want to keep the positivity flowing.

We will begin posting these to our Instagram / IGTV account as they start coming in.

  • We will be editing these so that they are all in black & white and we do some minor corrections to make you look as awesome as possible and so this looks like a uniform project across all submissions.

  • The more light you film with, the easier it will be for us to do this kind of color adjusting / editing. Film facing a large window during the day if possible.

  • If we don’t feel like the performance is going to show you off in a positive light we may ask you to re-tape.

  • A lot of casting follows us on Instagram - remember like everything we do here at Cinterra - BE PROFESSIONAL ALWAYS.




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