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Takin' Care of Business... On Dial-Up

By: Jess Canty


Long time, no write, I know.

Thank you all for your patience with our move! We are very excited to be here in the middle of the arts district and for this next phase of the company as we settle in DTLA.

Lots of Business To Catch Up On:


(check out the view)

950 E. 3rd St

Suite 2503

Los Angeles, CA 90013


We still don't have real internet access because #Spectrum #MercuryRetrograde so please bare with us. We are using our phone hot-spots as of now which is kind of like the 2019 version of AOL Online - meaning when we get a phone call, we are no longer on the internet. I sort of wish there was the crazy dialup noise to go with it. Bottom line, until we get real internet access / WiFi things will be a bit slower for us. We are hoping Spectrum will ACTUALLY fix it this week.


Sarah Baker Grillo is officially on maternity leave. We wish her and her family the absolute best! While Sarah is on leave I will be over-seeing her roster - I look forward to getting to know each of you better and working with y'all over the next few months.


We ARE working on rescheduling the Cinterra get-together - please stay tuned for more info.


We are working on our new self-tape set-up here at Cinterra HQ. Everything has been ordered, and we are looking to have this up and running starting the 22nd.


Most importantly... the year is now half over and episodics are already starting to pop up on the breakdowns. We are super excited for what the rest of 2019 has to bring for all of you - and of course are here to help and support in any way that we can.


Take a look back at your goals for 2019 - what have you accomplished? What still needs to be crossed off the list? If you would like to set up a phone call or meeting to discuss the second half of the year, please shoot me an email so we can get it scheduled.


How old are your headshots? Do you need new ones before Episodic gets going? Get those appointments scheduled now - photographers are going to be very busy soon. OR if you think your shots will last you until the end of the year, consider getting your pre-pilot headshot session scheduled now. Don't be sad in December that you have to wait until Feb for your fave photographer to get you in.

and FOOTAGE oh my!!!

Is your footage complete in your casting profiles ahead of episodic season? Do we have all the materials we need to pitch you effectively? Don't forget - the awesome Bay Dariz can help wrangle footage for you at high quality, for less than other services charge because #CinterraFam so get that up in your profile ASAP.

And here's a little nostalgia for you...

or for some of you this might be your first time experiencing the joy of the dial-up modem.

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