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Updated: May 31, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

Been testing out a new marketing tool, its called it works GREAT and its free. You can Pre-Schedrule INSTAGRAM posts right from a calendar dash board on your computer. Thats right, no more doing posts on your phone!!! Set it up days, weeks, months out and for specific times of the day AND it will post automatically if you have a business IG account. Sit down with a cup of coffee on a Sunday and bang out 10 posts for the next 3 weeks, Thats what i'm talking about! Check it out.

IG STRATEGY - ALSO, really nice to use in combination with this Huffington Post study that I located that breaks down the best days and times to post, its a touch old but its statistics at a certain point the number is the dam number regardless of sample size.

Marketing Team Out!!

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