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Updated: May 31, 2018

By: Jess Canty

Hola Team!

So many of you should be receiving something new from us - an AUDITION REPORT.

A project I gave myself at the end of the year was to build a database for Cinterra that works in conjunction with the Talent Reports that are sent to you each month from Breakdowns.

We are now currently tracking ALL AUDITIONS that originate from Cinterra. We are also tracking auditions from your self-submissions and agents - provided that we are forwarded the information (or cc'd on the audition notice).

We are NOT pulling auditions into the database from the calendar - so if you have self-submissions/ auditions from your agents that are not reflected in these reports this is why.

In general, we are NOT tracking commercial auditions with the same level of detail as we are theatrical auditions - so if you just see "commercial CD" listed as the casting director that is why.

If you would like them to be tracked, please loop us in on the notifications you are receiving from CMAIL/ your agents.

These reports are something you should absolutely be tracking on YOUR SIDE AS WELL. You should be aware of how many auditions you have in a month / year, where they are coming from and who the casting director is. Basically at the end of the year we should be able to compare lists and have them be 99% the same.

This exercise is intended for you to get to know which offices are your fans so you can strengthen these relationships and also help us help you when you are going back to the same office multiple times.

If you have any questions about the information in the report please don't hesitate to ask below so that everyone can benefit from the answers.

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