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By: Jess Canty

Hi Beautiful and Talented People!

You may have noticed that I have been MIA for a bit on the posting - but I can tell you now that it has all been for good reason.

For most of November I have been working on a plan to bring some amazing new managers into the Cinterra family. While it isn't 100% official yet - I feel relatively confident that it is going to be a done deal sometime this week.

We will not be announcing this publicly until January, but of course y'all get to know the fun stuff early because #teamcinterra.

What does this mean for Cinterra?

As always we are looking for ways to not only grow your individual careers, but raise the profile of the company itself so that we have more opportunities to help you with your individual careers.

As they say, a rising tide floats all boats.

What does this mean for me?

As far as who is repping you goes - there isn't any change here. I am still your manager, and I am still the one who will be submitting and pitching you. Each of these managers is bringing in their own roster of clients / looking to grow their own roster individually.


It does mean that there is now three times the brain power, three times the experience and three times the connections to casting and agencies coming into the company.

We will be sharing all of our resources, helping each other pitch where it is beneficial, and holding regular staff meetings to make sure that we are doing the most we can for individual clients on our rosters and the company as a whole.

This also allows us to simply be bigger and badder out in the world, and we have goals of expanding our reach -i.e. building a lit department starting in May/June (as an example). For those of you who are writers there would be the ability to cover your writing work in-house and help get your projects more visibility.

You will start to see some changes to the website and our marketing materials over the coming months in preparation for this merger as well as changes on our IMDb etc...

You may also have noticed that the Cinterra Client Calendar no longer displays your entries. Not to worry, we can still see them on our side! This is to allow you some more privacy when entering your auditions, bookings and book-outs. As we grow to upwards of 75 clients with this change we want to make sure that everyone is feeling like their information is safe while we are still operating in a team environment!


While I have been working on this side of things, Shalini has been hard at work on the production side reading scripts. She and I are happy to say we found a great (previously produced) writer and are working with him to develop and shop his latest feature script. It is a small-budget heist comedy that we are excited to put our stamp on and just one more project we have out in the world with the Cinterra name on it.


For those of you who were involved in Palisades Justice, we are going to be taking a look at releasing everything we've shot as a bunch of mini-episodes. rather than as we originally conceived the project for TV. We think it has a great chance of getting a fun local LA following since the jokes are very "inside" to the industry / this area, and we are excited about finally being able to get this out in the world. And who knows... maybe we will then be able to make some more little "chapters" in the future.

Bottom Line? We are PSYCHED about wrapping up this year on the high of all of these changes and starting 2019 with a bang.

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