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BOOKOUTS - as of 8/1/18

It is only July 12th but we are already seeing signs that Episodic Season, at least for some shows, is already underway. It is #backtoschool time and you need to be 100% available between August and December for any opportunities that come your way.

Did you know that there are agencies in town that do not allow you to book out at all? They will drop you like a hot potato.

Why? Because there is simply too much competition here to put up with this. There are people out there with 10x more credits than you that are ready, willing and available for Every. Single. Audition. AND there are people behind you who have no credits who would skip their sister's wedding for the opportunity to get into a room. And guess what? This town favors both of them.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do not plan any personal travel between August and December. If you have an agent - especially if this is a NEW agent it is absolutely imperative that you prove to them that you are ready, willing and able to work. Yes, maybe two years down the line when you've never missed an audition for them they'll give you a pass, but not at the beginning of your relationship with them. Not when you are new to them. Not when part of the reason why you are now on their roster is because they probably dropped someone who did not make themselves available 100%.

The ONLY entries we WANT to be seeing in the calendar for the next five months?

Your "unavailability" due to other Auditions, Call-Backs, Pins and BOOKED WORK. We are happy to help you with scheduling conflicts for any of these reasons - but our expectation moving forward for any personal book-outs is that you have booked a flex ticket and will fly home early for any and all opportunities. If this is truly impossible for some reason, you MUST have the ability to put yourself on tape while you are away.

Our advice / policy for Episodic 2018 on booking-out? #JustDontDoIt.

Silver lining? You live in one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world. So #staycation and invite your friends and family to visit you.

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