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Shalini Waran Consulting Producer

After a ten-year career in film sales in marketing in London, Shalini Waran moved to Los Angeles in 1982 as Director of Development and Creative Affairs for Edward R. Pressman Productions, working on feature film projects including Conan the Barbarian and Pirates of Penzance.


Thirsting after on-set production experience, she took time away from the office to production coordinate the Sam Raimi film Crimewave, developed and produced by Pressman. Infected by the precision and excitement of production, she has never looked back. Leaving her development position, she enlisted as a production coordinator and assistant to film director Roger Donaldson, learning the ropes by working on films such as Marie, No Way Out, White Sands and Cadillac Man.


For the last 20 years, Ms. Waran has been a Line Producer and Producer. As such her credits include the Oscar Nominated Little Surprises for Showtime, directed by Jeff Goldblum and Dill Scallion, written and directed by Jordan Brady. She received her first producer credit on a documentary entitled John the Road, featuring John Lehr, one of the stars of the NBC Television Sitcom Jesse, and produced an indie film entitled Home - The Horror Story with Richard Weaver. From Spring 2001 to Fall 2003 she marketed William Gazecki's latest feature documentary Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, and worked with him to raise financing for their upcoming slate of documentaries.


Most recently Ms. Waran has produced DVDs of live concert events both in the U.S. and overseas. Ms. Waran joined Cinterra Pictures in 2011 as President of Production and helped to launch the talent management wing of the company, Cinterra Entertaiment, in 2015.


Over the years she has consulted on line production for independent producers, budgeting and scheduling numerous films in search of financing. She has also found the time to write; her first published short story appeared in an anthology that hit the bookstores in early February 1999. However, all of her friends say that her true claim to fame is that she was a screaming teeny-bopper in The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. 

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