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By: Jess Canty

"Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

"Trying IS doing." - Yoga

So which is it?

Hint: they're actually saying the same thing.

There is no try, because trying IS doing. So therefore, there is only do or do not.

What does this have to do with Episodic season you ask?

Episodic season has begun.

How do I know? Because the number of breakdowns coming in after 5PM has increased exponentially in the last week. Because I now have to re-set my computer to the "large font" again because I am going cross-eyed reading all these breakdowns in 10pt font.

So how do you have a successful Episodic season?


Don't TRY to book.

Book or do not book.

I know, I know, easier said than done right?

Or is it?

Think about the jobs you have booked. Now think about all of your other auditions.

What has been the difference? Were you really DOING everything in your power to book?

I was at a showcase earlier this summer and one of the casting directors on the panel with me told a story about having to book a role in 4 hours - and fly the actor up to Vancouver for the shoot by that evening.

And the girl who booked? He said "she walked in the room and it was clear she wanted this job." She, in four hours managed to be prepared, almost fully memorized and was - in this casting director's words "pushing" for the job. It was clear to him she WANTED this one.

She wanted it badly enough to drop whatever she was doing, get to the audition on time, and blow the casting director away with her preparedness. And she booked.

There is no try there is only do.

There is only going into every audition with the intention of booking it. And this is all you can control - your performance. You can't control if the producer decides at the last minute to give the role to a friend. You can't control if the role is cut. You can only control your intention. And your intention must be that you do the work necessary to book every job. Otherwise why are we here?

And booking the job doesn't just start with the audition. It starts wayyyy before.

Are you set up for this season or are you just "trying" to be an actor? Stop trying - be an actor or not. A cinematographer or not. A writer or not. A podcaster or not. A director or not.

There are practical things of course.

  • Is your resume updated and do we have a copy of it? Do.

  • Do you have all of your recent footage? Do.

  • Do your day-job and home life life support your ability to prepare for auditions, callbacks and accept a job if you book it? Do.

  • Do you have a coach lined up? Do.

  • Are you writing? Do.

  • Your self-tape set up? Do.

  • Your go-to tape place? Do.

  • Are you networking with directors who will hire you? Do.

  • The class you are going to invest in this season? Do.

Trying IS doing, so therefore there is no try, there is only do. Do you want each job more than everyone else in that audition room? Do you want it more than everyone else that is taping?

Do book or do not book. There is no try.

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