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By: Brian Gilleece

Listen, I don't think its any surprise i'm a fan of 80's training montages, I mean, my stunt/sport/fitness reel is an 80's training montage, so there ya go. BUT, why are these montages so motivational and inspirational and what can we take from them to keep our own motivation up day in and day out? Well lots, but let's break it down!


The reason these montages are so fun is because they take a long cycle of training or events and condense it into a very short exciting amount of time were we can see transformation in the character. As we know, life is not like that, many things take a long long longgg time. So how do we stay Rockey Balboa motivated Allllll the time.......Well here are 6 ways to make sure we take down that Russian in the end!


When you do something you truly love it’s not hard to find the motivation needed to succeed. I think we have all done that, if you truly love Film, TV and Performing, there should be no lack of motivation to do whatever it takes to ensure you get to participate in the business as frequently as possible. Reinvigorate your passion for this as often as possible.


I’m a big fan of goals, both short-term and long-term -- they give you something to work towards, and including short-term goals ensures that you are able to taste victory on a regular basis, providing further motivation to push hard towards achieving the long-term goals.

Everyone is different, but its is most effective to see your goals written down, and have them to be in front of your face as much as possible. This constant visualization keeps me motivated and 100 percent focused on crossing each goal off the whiteboard.

Setting clearly defined goals will help you monitor your progress and provide constant motivation. Jess Canty, Sarah Baker Grillo and Bay Dariz go over this excersise with each of you semi-annually and it is not for their own health, it is for yours. If they are your goals, they should look you in the face everyday and kick your ass, or you kick theirs.


When you are constantly optimistic you focus on just the positives, which helps you stay motivated and focused on reaching your goals. The minute you start to bring negative thoughts into your mind is the moment your forward momentum will come to a screeching halt.Does the possibility of failure exist? Of course, but you can’t think like that. Creators and entrepreneurs need to think like elite athletes. Do you think for one minute LeBron James was thinking about losing during the NBA finals? or Jordan ever thought he was going to miss that last minute, buzzer beater tongue out jumper? Everyday, Jordan levels of balling out. Lock in that positive mindset.


Success often comes to those who take big risks, and big risks can result in epic failures. Even if you have failed in the past, commit to your end goal and don’t think about those past failures or the possibility of failing again. It could happen, yes, but you could also be the next success story. This circles back to the point above -- you must remain extremely optimistic at all times, and if you do get knocked down you have to bounce right back up, 100 percent focused on your end goal.


The company you surround yourself with has a direct influence on how you behave, both in your personal life and in creative work. This quote by Michael Dell from his commencement speech at the University of Texas back in 2003 sums it up perfectly:

Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people … or find a different room. In professional circles it’s called networking. In organizations it’s called team building. And in life it’s called family, friends, and community. We are all gifts to each other, and the only way we can become better is to expand our circle to include more and more talents that we do not currently have, more and more information that we need and more inspiration that we thirst for.


It’s always nice to be rewarded for your hard work, and we can all benefit greatly by implementing a personal rewards program. It doesn’t have to be lavish, either, as sometimes simple rewards can go a long way to push us harder.Does a great booking mean you get a new clothing item? Does a great audition mean you get a slice of Sabarro? Does a great hike or work out mean you get a spa day? Idk, idk what y'all like to do, but good work does deserve some kind of reward and in most walks of life good work is rewarded!


Its not rocket science, but it does take everyday commitment, having your best sometimes or when you feel like it or when tis convenient is not and option sorry. It is is you want to go work at the DMV or for the State or in a job that is not amongst the hardest in the world to work in. GET UP FOR THIS, we have things to do!

Ps- I have included a link to 30min worth of Rocky Training montages, if that should strike your fancy!

Motivation in a can:

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