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By: Brian Gilleece

GETTING YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW: Let's start with the definition. To get one's ducks in a row basically means to ensure all of the small details or elements are accounted for and in their proper positions before embarking on a new project. In written form, most believe the term originated in the 1970's. But at least one article has been found were the term was used as early as 1932. The origins of the phrase are also up to debate.

BUT, WHY THOUGH?: Mother ducks often corral their young offspring into manageable straight lines before traveling over land or water. Any stragglers or escapees would be noticed as long as the integrity of this line is maintained. The idea of getting all of one's ideas or ingredients or team members in one organized line would be similar to a mother duck getting all of her literal ducks in a row. It makes it easier for her to manage them and keep track of what she needs to keep track of... Them ducks.

GETTING YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW: If you have been in town for even a little while you know the time between now and Christmas gets extremely slow, but that is an excellent time to get your ducks in a row.....See what I was doing! Below are some things to continue to keep at the forefront of your mind that may need updating in the slow period.


  • Resume - Is it 100% up to date? Is there a version on Cinterra google drive

  • Coaches - Do you have a coach lined up for big auditions?

  • Calendar - Are you correctly entering your availability/opportunities in the calendar for Jess Canty so she does not have to chase you down?

  • Headshots - Do you have at least 20 hard copies of you main shot ready to go? I was at 2 commercial auditions in the last week that still wanted hard copy!

  • Gifts - Are you finalizing on sending your agents those awesome gifts we were discussing or are you going to opt for the wack a** Panera gift card?

  • Cinterra Website - Have you checked out the "client" section? It has tons of great NEW resources for you.

  • IMDb - Is your bio up to date? Are you reps correct? Do you have the shot you want up? Are all your credits up?

  • Personal Website - Does it need a refresh? Do you need to build one?

  • Footage/Reel - Do you have all your footage, is you reel as updated as it can be? Is it available on AA and LA?

  • Audition Tapes - Have you gone trough your audition tapes and reviewed your performance to see were improvements could be made? Maybe its eye lines, maybe its movement?


Just because the time of year gets slow for the business does not mean there is nothing to do. Training, getting your back of house squared up etc are all things that often fall to the wayside when it gets busier. So take care of it while its slow to ensure you have a marketable and useful package for your team this up coming season, your agents and manager will appreciate it.


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