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Watch Your Tone Buddy

Updated: May 31, 2018

By: Jess Canty

One thing that has come up a lot recently is the question of Tone so. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air...

Ok not that, but tone is something you must consider when you are auditioning. I think it directly relates to what Scorsese was talking about in his MasterClass - when he said the actor just "feels" right and they "agree" on the story that is being told, the umbrella here is tone.

You need to pay attention to this when you are auditioning. If you get an audition for a Soap Opera - watch a few of the recent episodes. Listen to how the actors are delivering the lines. The pace, rhythm of the writing. Look at what they are doing with the camera.

Super Hero Shows, Disney Shows. A Fox Sitcom is going to "feel" different than one for ABC. Why? Tone.

This is why we give you the breakdown in the email we send - because there are clues to the tone of the character in there. But you need to take the extra step to research and be able to slide into the tone of whatever you are auditioning for.

And the second job is to not judge it. Because I guarantee that if you feel like you are "too good" for The Bold and the Beautiful - those casting directors are going to smell that a mile away. It is a job - a lucrative one at that. One that you can live in your house in LA and never have to travel and get paid to be on TV 5 days per week.

Maybe you don't think Brooklyn 99 is that funny, but guess what - Twitter just made sure that it isn't cancelled - so if you get an audition for this show you MUST figure out what makes it tick and then get that into your acting. You must match the tone of the show to be considered for the show.

Why is Will Smith able to be a goofy, rapping Fresh Prince one minute and then an alien-chasing agent the next? And we buy him as both?

Both are "fish out of water" stories. One is a guy that comes from Philly to Bel Air and the hilarity comes from him trying to fit into this new world. The other is about the best cop on the street that is recruited into a secret organization that keeps aliens who live among us under control. Same story, same snark. WAY DIFFERENT TONE.

You are there to serve the story, and that means serving the tone. Next time you get an audition - ask yourself, what is the tone of this piece? And how can I mold my acting around that?

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