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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

By: Brian Gilleece

Lets get "heady" for a minute...Have you ever though about the relationship you have with each side of your brain? Like were your strengths or tendencies lie, or why you are strong in certain areas and not in others? Well we are going to do that right now!

Hidden Brain - One Head, Two Brains:

**OMG OMG Must Listen, Awesome Podcast**

The fundamental difference between the Left Brain and the Right Brain is this: The left brain does not know what it does not know. It thinks it knows everything because it does the tasks, because it can focus, it knows you have an arm and a foot and how to dunk a basketball. It does not understand why it needs the right brain and has no value for it.

The right brain knows the value of left brain - that it knows how to dunk the basketball, but the right brain can look at big situations and view them as a whole. Like when to dunk that basketball, and what point of the game it is, and how many players are on the court. It understands the connectedness of everything and can piece everything together even if it isn't really "a details guy or gal." It has emotion, it can create a plan and understand were all the pieces fit. They need each other but only one side knows that. Interesting.

WHATS YOUR PERCENTAGE? Have you ever thought about roughly what percentage of YOU comes from each side of the brain? Look at people you know, do you think you could guess? I think you could, I have made my assumptions about people I know, BUT, what about you what do you think yours is?

Me, I think i'm 70% 30% right brain. If you have seen my email signature you know it says "please excuse any spelling mistakes, i'm more of an idea guy." Big picture - details are not really my thing. Brent Pope has even offered to spell check every email of mine for the rest of my life if I send it to him first. But I don't think i'll take him up on it.

SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING AT BRIAN? Now I'm not a scientist (I know hard to believe right) BUT, If the brain is a muscle, and we train it to learn new languages, new tasks, new processes, new concepts or new feelings can we train it to adjust our % of use? If we are too heavily weighted on one side can we try to make a conscious effort to adjust in real time? If you are left brain oriented and find your self BUSY for the sake of tasks, but not really making a hell of a lot of progress in the grand scheme can you do things to curtail that? Try to be a bit more right brain? Offload some percentage from left to right?

As we have gone through life the world has conditioned us as human beings to value left brain activities. Reading, writing, task oriented behavior, extreme positions and black and white solutions. These are the things that companies require from work, schools require for success, and society has told us it needs to function.

BUT, were not really trying to be part of society are we? Actors, we're trying to REFLECT on society which is a big picture see the forest for the trees type of thing, seeing the connectedness of emotion and points A, B & C, which is a RIGHT brain activity. But getting there requires left brain work, doing the tasks to get to the place were the right can do its thing.

Just a little something to get the right side of the brain going on a Monday, some grey area thoughts that have no real ultimate solution. But I did use my left brain to type this.


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