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By: Brian Gilleece

Damn Trippy right? This quote its not just a little known Billy Joel song, but also a real truth about most things in life. Think about it. If you eat some bad Thai food, you know about it the next day. If you have too many beers, you know about it the next day. If you hit a great work out or yoga or run, you sleep better and can feel that benefits the next day.

Everything we do TODAY, has a profoundly drastic effect on who we are in the future. We are never really here today, we are perpetually living in the future. Damn... Mind blown.

Planting the right seeds and doing the right work TODAY, sight unseen, not knowing how it may help you tomorrow, is the name of the game and the only way to ensure the future you dream of.

Focus seems to be in short supply today, but WE can all work a bit harder and work to find new ways to stay focused TODAY, for a successful tomorrow. Here are some methods to help keep that big computer in your head on track.



If you notice you're having too many "out-of-body" (and mind) experiences, where you're physically present but mentally on another plane, it might be time to consciously work on appreciating the moment at hand. What do you see, hear or smell? What does the air feel like? How does your body feel --really take assessment of it. Additionally, scientific research has concluded that the morning hours are the best times to establish and consistently practice a daily mental fitness routine. Deep breathing exercises are a simple way to channel all of your focus and energy into something that's right in front of you.


Writing goals and visions down has a profound psychological effect. Some believe in the power of turning over control to the universe, but even if you don't subscribe to the manifestation abilities of the ether, there is no doubt that setting daily intentions can help your brain zero in on tasks and minimize distractions. Just like meditation, there are several ways to go about intention setting. Some home in on one intention and repeat it daily. They may even post visual reminders of that intention throughout their home, office, car or as a daily reminder on their phone. By zeroing in on the ideal outcome you're striving for, you're better able to see what needs to be done to get there and what can be eliminated.


For a chemical that gives people so much pleasure, dopamine can be a real pain. That's because we're hardwired to seek out not only physical items like food that are necessary for our survival, but ideas as well. We're constantly on the move searching for ways to satisfy our curiosity, and in today's world that means the latest tweets, text responses, game scores and the answer to who played that one guy in that one movie. It just so happens that the act of doing the searching is more pleasurable than the actual discovery of the answer, so we're always in finder mode. This can quickly escalate into a rabbit hole of distractions. It will take diligence, but turning off your notifications and designating specific times throughout the day to check in on what you may of have missed and respond where necessary, will allow you to laser focus on the actions that will actually move the needle.

What will your 95 year old self say about you? Did you do the right thing? Did you do the ounces of work everyday? Or will you feel the Tons of regret? Do you delay gratification for a greater good? Or Are you just chasing dopamine? Only you have these answers and only you can make changes if needed......

Let's Get it and wrap up this weird July!!

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