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Tommy O'Knucklehead's Obstacle Course

By: Brian Gilleece

Strategy #6 Create a Plan

What will move the target closer? Detour around obstacles and hazards. Discover strategic opportunities. Define needed/on-hand resources. Communicate the plan with others.

Creating a plan is more then just saying "I'm going to book a big movie and then blow up AF!"

How you gonna get there? What is going to move you closer to that target?

TARGET SHOOTING: Maybe you get out but your acting/auditioning/booking needs work? So you find the right class and really press it!

Maybe you don't get out as much, so you adjust your look/casting (after discussing with you agent & manager) to find a solution that may be more effective.

Say you LOVE a show, think you would be perfect for it... why? Does your team know this? Do they know why? How can YOU create a plan to get closer to that show runner, to get into their sphere, to get in for that CD... This is all being strategic and circling the target.


Perhaps the most important aspect of thinking like a strategy buff is identifying obstacles that prevent your forward movement. Sometimes these obstacles are people/friends (often times), sometimes they are internal (maybe your motivation/work ethic sucks? Maybe you are a bit lazy? Maybe you have a chip on your shoulder? Maybe you lack focus?). Sometimes they are external (what's casting, certain types that are hotter then others).

GOOD NEWS, if your obstacles are people/friends, that's easy to solve. If they are friends they will understand your new focus, if not... ehhy they were not friends anyway.


If your challenge is you have some internal bumps, GOOD NEWS, lots of books out there and you can start making changes anytime you want. It will really only make you a cooler person.


You can solve this too!!!! By adapting to the industry shifts, not by blending in but by shinning through with SUPERIOR work and work ethic and mixing your look up if needed. There are solutions for all obstacles but you need to focus and look for them. Improving Your Work Ethic


Are you appropriately leveraging people you know in your life or though past jobs to further your agenda? Have you asked? Do they even know ALL that you do? This is a relationship business, more than you can even imagine, and recommendations go a long way from the right people. Think about your circle, who do you know? What do they know? How can you meld the two to get what you want. Leveraging Relationships


The best way to get things to happen is to put it out into the universe. Talk to as many people as you can about your plan, especially your manager who can then relay to your agents in an effective way. Talk to your peers, talk to your parents. Talk to the damn guy bagging your groceries at the Whole Foods! It does not matter, the universe can hear you, and to manifest an actionable plan it starts with verbalizing it. Communicate Goals

WRAP UP: Simply by reading these posts you are on your way to being better than 99% of people in this town. Most do not spend the time to think outside their little world of excuses, shortcomings, and unsubstantiated dreams.

A dream is not a goal... A dream is not actionable... I'm pretty sure that Tommy O'Knucklehead working at the Sbarro's probably has a dream to be in the reboot of Scarface, but I bet he can't tell you who is directing it, who is producing it, who is casting it, if its even in the works, if theres a script. I bet he can barley tell you what's on the f*cking supreme pizza, and I bet he was 10 min late for his Criminal Minds 1 line co-star audition.

Be better, know more, be sharper!

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