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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By: Bay Dariz

I’m about to share with you the single best piece of advice I’ve ever received about working in the entertainment business. (I’m sure your civilian friends could apply this to their worlds as well, but we’re talking about showbiz here!)

So, let me introduce you to “The Three Rs!” (3Rs). The purpose of the 3Rs is to determine when to take a gig.

1. Rate – how much will I get paid?
2. Reel (or resume) – will this be good footage for my reel or a great project to have on my resume?
3. Relationship – will I be working with people I wish to build or continue a working relationship?

If just one of these Rs is strong, it’s probably worth doing a project. If you have two strong Rs, it’s a very easy “yes,” and in those magical situations where all three Rs are there, those are the no-brainer, everything-is-going-right-for-a-change dream projects!

If none of the Rs are strong, you should most likely pass.

For me, this has helped me make some quick decisions that I’m grateful I made, and that’s when the 3Rs can really come in handy. Low-paying project you’re not excited about with people who don’t seem to know what they’re doing? Pass. Something better will come along and your energies are best directed elsewhere. REALLY GREAT money but a project you’re not excited about with people who don’t seem to know what they’re doing? Worth considering. Low-money indie film with some solid talent attached? Worth considering.

You get the idea.

To back up for a second - if you’re just beginning your career, it’s usually good advice to say “yes” to just about everything. Your goal should be to expand your network and get as much experience with as many creative people as possible.

To make this specifically about acting, you should self-submit, do student films, 48-hr film challenges, experimental YouTube videos – just get yourself out there and build your relationships and your reel and don’t worry too much about the money.

However, if you’ve had some experience and are in a place where you want to be more deliberate with your choices, simply apply the 3Rs!

It really is that simple. And if you’re ever in doubt, we at Cinterra are here to help guide you. Break a leg!

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