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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

By: Brian Gilleece

Let's Talk about Giving your self a GIFT....The GIFT.....Of Time.

As Brent Pope would say, time waits for no man, but thyme is essential to Italian cooking... Wrap you head around this and then think about many of the people in life you have known...

"Most people are not doing anything, accept earning a living, reproducing and dying one day" - Sadhguru

Grim? Off Base? Not really, when you look at how MOST people choose to go about life, the way they spend their time, the way they value (or lack there of) who they are now and who they want to be In the future, its pretty clear that this statement is 100% true. Its true because they cant even take TIME for themselves to figure out anything besides what the absolute most basic qualifications of life are. They think they are doing something special, but special means out of the ordinary, exceptional, rare, not the bare minimum.

Taking time for YOU is a choice and a practice. It is undoubtedly one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Time adds value to your life and enhances your happiness. So why do so many humans say "I have no time", "I'm just to busy", "You dont know my life you don't get how busy I am." Yah....But are you though? Most people are Pre Occupied, NOT busy and most people accomplish almost NONE of what they should in a day. They let their mind control their outcome rather then driving at their goals, But were not MOST people right?

Can read a plot script a week? Can't memorize some TV sides and throw it on tape to critique your self? Can you do 1.5 hours at the gym instead of 1? You can, you DO have the time and here is how we do it!

  1. Practice making intentions. Live with intention, from the moment you get up. When you are not fully conscious, you are not completely aware of your thought process hour by hour. Everything you do or say takes place below the level of awareness. Making intentions gives you the opportunity to choose to take time for you. Intentions give you permission to take care of your personal needs and desires on a daily basis.

  2. Get rid of mindless activities. As you make this assessment, carve the time out of passive valueless activities that don't get you closer to a better version of you, to take time FOR you and your goals. Either walk or meditate or simply self-reflect about your journey, your career your wants and desires, your personal and professional needs. You’ll find out how much extra time you really have for personal growth.

  3. Leave your comfort zone. Make an intention to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone or that scares you or makes you feel strange. Making an intention to be brave makes you super aware of yourself—the sense that you own your day, your life. It’s easy to feel that other people drive your life when, in fact, you are the only one who has the ability for choice. It assures you that YOU control you mind/body and spirit and that you are completely willing and able to take time out for yourself.

  4. Take on challenges or change. Life never remains static. Learn to live skillfully by choosing to take on challenges or change. Allowing your mental skill set to see things exactly as they are gives you the ability to consciously assess the challenge or change that is required for your personal growth. Once that course of action is set and your choices are clear and consistent, possibilities open up to make more time and space for yourself. Dont vacillate on topics that take up mindshare, get with your team, come to a solution or direction of action and commit to it, get the doubt out of your mind space so you can use that space to solve the problem.

  5. Shift your mindset. Your life and your dreams are truly, truly important. It’s difficult to make time in your life without examining or breaking old patterns of organization, control issues, things we can never change. Paradoxically, you actually lose control by limiting your life to these external issues. The real value of your life resides on the inside and that process takes personal time to develop. **Decide what you really want in life.** What do you dream about? What goals do you have? What keeps you up at a night wondering if you will ever get to it? Why would you want to compromise these values by mindless entrapments, pointless activities, time wasting garbage that limit your ability to create time to accomplish your dreams and desires? SHIFT.

Of course our friend Sadhguru has a talk on this!

There is only 1 person who can create the time that you need to become the you that climbs the mountain you have chosen to climb......Good news and bad news, that person is you.

Give yourself the TIME to be great.

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