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The Get Better World

By: Brian Gilleece

Today's post is inspired by our very own Kristen Hetzel who finished BRONZE at the Duatlon World Championships in Spain!!! Congrats Kristen!


For me, the worst thing about talking to people in "the regular world," i.e. 9 to 5 M-F Ranch House and Honda Accord world, is how willing they are to pack it all in and just never try to achieve more, be better, or learn from their past to become better in the future..They know what they know and are who they are. That's it.... but, that's why we are all here, to be better, achieve more, get more out of our time and LEARN from the things we have done or not done in the past!

Kristen Hetzel can tell you, having experience and knowing your self as well as the game better can help you achieve more so long you pay attention to the learning points from the past and actually USE them. SO, let's touch on some good ways to review past experiences and bring those facts and that knowledge effectively into the future.

  1. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS ROCK IT: Being too self-conscious and analyzing your behavior and actions in minute detail can make you play down your achievements so far. However, remind yourself that you can’t do well, its just NOT possible to always be your absolute best. Plus, each and every failure opened up your eyes to new opportunities, horizons, and perspective. Move forward in life knowing that you have done the best you knew how at that moment in time with the knowledge and preparation you had.

  2. NOT EVERY L IS A LOSS: People are coming in and getting out of your life. It is the natural progression of things. It is not your fault and might not be theirs either. You are growing and improving each day of your life, and it is only natural to “update” your relationships to maximum compatibility. Is it not? Don't we do this with everything else? Sometimes loosing someone, is not a loss, but perhaps a gain opening up ability to have a new person you may need more in your life.

  3. YOU GOT THIS YO!: If there is a lesson to take on from the past, this might be the most important one: you can face whatever life throws at you! Many people lack self-confidence worry to dam much about the future, forgetting and disregarding how many obstacles and hurdles they’ve got through to get to were they are even at! Don’t be one of them. Appreciate, acknowledge, and give yourself credit for the things you’ve done so far, tell you self about your accomplishments, look your self in the mirror and thank your self! Be confident and take a bet on yourself; as you’ve done in the past, you can face whatever life throws at you!

  4. YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU NEED: Did you notice that your success is not made by chance? But it comes from your hard work, effort, and dedication? That you find what you need when you put your head down and do the work without need for recognition or kudos. Your mind is attracted by those things you are interested in. Once you have the awareness that something exists, I.E working hard at your goals, you start seeing access to them everywhere. If for example, you just find out about a car model you want, you notice it everywhere on the street when you may have missed it before. When you decide to notice smiling faces, it might seem to you that everybody is smiling because you see only these people in the crowd, the rest don’t exist anymore. Our attention and focus are limited, and that is the reason why you see and find only those things you are searching for and the rest get lost in the background, focus ONLY on your goals not the distractions and you can find the way to them!

  5. YOU'RE NOT MISS CLEO: Most of us tend to believe knowing what others think, feel and believe is important, Therefore, we act and behave in ways according to these beliefs. If you think someone is sad, you might offer a chicken soup; if you think a person is mad at you, you might avoid any contact. Improve your communication skills and restrain yourself from reading people’s mind; ask for a confirmation and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships by not trying to read anyones mind, but CONVERSING with them about it. You will find your initial "knowledge" of this person 99% of the time was not accurate.

WRAP UP: Every single person in this group has unique experiences, skills and abilities as well as unique things to learn from and grow from in the future.

Kristen was the inspiration for this post because last year she finished 6th in this same race BUT, in learning from her mistakes, she changed her training, changed her race strategy and focused her mind to achieve a BETTER result, even at an older age.

This same type of mantra can be applied to EVERYTHING we do in our life, there is always things we can learn from to make the next time more effective for us. The moment you stop thinking your past experiences make you better, is the moment you're closer to Ranch House Honda Accord land... Don't go to the bad place...

You're not getting older, your getting better!

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