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Summertime Sadness

By: Brian Gilleece


It is a fact that the amount of opportunities that come in the summer months are markedly lower then in episodic and pilot. SO if you found your self performing at sub optimal levels or you just want to continue to drive your own success perhaps this is an excellent time to evaluate and reset, here are some tips.

1. Conduct your personal annual review - Rather then waiting to the end of the year, look backwards at the past year from this point, review and wins, close to wins and think about things you could have done better. Write them down and really take some time to reflect on things, write down great auditions, people you have meet and positives you can take into the new season.

2. Read - There is absolutely zero substitute for having a deep knowledge of this business in addition to a deep knowledge of acting. We have said it before and we will say it again, finding time to read the trades is not only important bout dam near mandatory. Spoke with an agent last week who met with a Cinterra client, he said...

"It was so refreshing, he had alot of great questions, different questions then I usually hear in these meetings and knew alot about the business from our side, he was. sharp guy, I really enjoyed having him, thank you for recommending him."

pretty dam good response to a meeting wouldn't you say? think this agent wants to sign this client? Think he would work hard for that client? Bet your ass. I know for a fact this client reads the trades, books about his craft, trains hard and takes the business very seriously. Lot's of great books out there and they have this building called a La Biblioteca, they let you borrow them for free I believe...

3. Maintain a Zero Inbox - This ones though for me, but experts say, maintaining a zero, meaning only current email, can be a great way to declutter your brain and keep some clarity in your life. If you find your self missing emails, or not being organized, this may be a great place to start.

4. Reset your single pre-eminent goal - What is your main goal? Tangible, real, attainable and how do we achieve it this season? Write it down, put it on your bathroom mirror and let it stare you in the face........ If you don't have one..... Yikes.... Better get that squared up ASAP.

5. Do something "it's never the right time for" - Been wanting to organize your car? Straighten out your desk area? Make a post card to send to casting directors or agents? Fix your resume? Update your website? What are some things you seem to never "Get the time" to do. Do them! You have the time, it's about prioritizing and you will feel rewarded if you are abel to clean up some things from your "want to do" list.

6. Do Killer Work In Class - Really no substitute for this one, and work that makes sense for you. Doing a scene from Casino is not going to help anyone book a real job on TV, sorry, it's true..... Relevant, current material and knock it out of the dam park so when your audition time comes, your reps are up and your ready to go.

7. Network Effectively - Networking is not going to some stupid event and trying to talk to an agent over drinks you cant afford, who cares, leave that noise for dumb actors, there are plenty to fill your spot, it's learning how to leverage people you already know to help create mindshare with people that can help you succeed in doing things that you like doing!

Example: If you know me, I don't leave the house lest it's work realted or sports related, I just dont have time for nonsense and im not thrilled about 4x mark up on a Coors light. SO, I finagled my way into the CAA Hockey League via a high level manager friend of mine and im Playing Fast pitch baseball with a bunch of studio grips and lighting guys in Venice via an actor friend of mine. Do I know what will come of this? Nope, but Im good at and enjoy doing both of them, nice ways to spend the day and it cant hurt right?

What are those things for you? How can you find them...

**These are just some ideas, but certainly there are things that can be done to help improve your situation, your mindset and your mental and physical fitness moving into what is the highest volume season audition wise. Auditioning is great, but who cares if you just run through the motions, booking and working is the goal. Be smart, take advantage of the time and use it wisely because being in the same place next year as this year is NOT an option.



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