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By: Brian Gilleece

SO, Jess Canty's post yesterday, if you have not read it, go do so then come back... I'll be here... Perhaps the most important post in a while, I could have let it just sit by its self and not piggy backed on it but...

SAY YOU WERE JOB HUNTING: Imagine you were hunting for a job, like a job job. Like a Suit and tie job, at an office or factory or tall building, you know a standard image of a "job." What would you want out of it? You'd want to find something that fits your skills, fits your wage requirements, makes you feel good and works with your personality, is in line with your values, gives you ability for upward mobility, has a professional and stimulating work environment etc...

Seems pretty reasonable right? I mean you have skills you bring to the table these are all pretty standard requirements right?

News flash....YOU ARE ALWAYS JOB HUNTING AS AN ACTOR, but, that does not mean that any of the above qualifications don't apply to this job, yet actors somehow miss it.

This is pulled right off a career website:

"Appraising what you are looking for will help guide you towards a more fulfilling job or career path. A clear understanding of your skills and strengths will also help you to build your ‘personal brand’, enabling you to market yourself more effectively to potential employers both on paper – be that CVs, cover letters and/or application forms – and verbally, in interviews and/or at assessment centres."

OMFG, Does this sound familiar? Well it should because it is much of what you're On-Boarding/Marketing Meeting with Jess, Bay & Sarah is PLUS, as a company we mention "brand" often, ya know why, cus its mission critical.


During a fire situation (I have expertise here so hear me out lol), firefighters have literally all of the city's water resources at their disposal, they tap directly into the city main, pump it through the truck to make the pressure useable and target it at the fire....They literally have access to ALL OF THE WATER.

So why do they target specific fire areas to contain a blaze? Because that is the most effective way to suppress a fire, finding the critical areas, engaging them until they are under control and then moving on. They have the resources and could spray water back and forth at the whole building until the cows come home, but guess what, that building will burn to the ground, because they never targeted the critical areas, even with ALL the water resources.

Actors be like...."I want to go out, I don't get out enough, if only I was out more" Blah Blah Blah. but, you know what the fact of the mater is, being out for the RIGHT stuff is the most critical thing because that is what will help's you solidify your brand with casting, give you the highest sense of satisfaction and will ultimately make you the best happiest most satisfied artist. Targeted. Everyone really does have a very specific skill set, that is why it is often said "there really is just a few actors for every role."

Understanding what you do, why you do it, and why its better than what the few others in YOUR skill and finding the offices that NEED that skill set is the real butter to the bread. I will most likely never be in for Howard Meltzer, he is a 3 camera comedy casting director with rather specific needs for kids comedy, and ya know what FINE, cus I would look like a total A**hole, our styles do not vibe at all, but guess who rocks it there, Matthew Harris. There are some places you will never be in for and guess what, THATS FINE, wrap you head around it, they are not your critical area to target, but putting all your fire fighting resources at YOUR crucial mass offices is the job, not shaking hands all around town, your not running for mayor.

Straight off this career website again:

"Our strengths can be energising and enjoyable and help us to perform well. Finding a role that enables you to use and optimize your strengths is likely to enhance your job satisfaction, performance and wellbeing"


The fact of the matter is, the more you are "out" the more you will "strike out" in front of casting. Look at your report, who are the repeat offices? Who in your career have you been out for often?

Do you know? I sure a shit know mine! How do you get in from of them again, stay on their radar, make them SUPERFANS? This is the type of targeted strategy your manager is promoting, this is how to contain the blaze and save your building.


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