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STRATEGY - Deep Dive #1

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

*WELCOME BACK!* Hope that everybody had a wonderful long weekend and ya'll are ready to grab this thing by the horns! Let's dive deeper on some of the elements of "Thinking Strategically" we touched on last week.

But First, Congrats to Mr. Kevin Caliber Thomsen placing second in his division at in the Venice Muscle Beach Physique Competition yesterday! ............................................................................................. #1 Get a Grip - Avoid falling into “auto pilot” mode, Avoid knee-jerk reactions and quick fixes ,Avoid the “emergency technician” mindset , Avoid succumbing to environmental pressures, Avoid “winging it”

There are two key elements here, 1.) Avoiding Knee Jerk Reactions and quick fixes 2.) Avoid Wining it.

1.) Avoiding Knee Jerk Reaction and Quick Fixes - unfortunately this town is almost completely built on this type of behavior, that stems from peoples insecurities, financial difficulties, power struggles as well as a struggle between people on their way up and people on their was down..Ever see all the Pay-Day loan places, plastic surgeons, casting workshops and actors willing to work for nothing? The bricks and mortar of this town, SO, lets not be part of the problem, lets be smarter, there is a cool thing to think of if you find your self feeling like you NEED to react to a situation immediately.........S.T.O.P

STOP - Just relax and take a new look at what is happening THINK - Process all the facts, all the pieces of the situation. ORGANIZE -With a clear view of the facts and after careful consideration of them, take the time necessary and available to organize a plan for solving, resolving, fixing, or preventing whatever issue is at hand. PRESENT - Take the time to craft a thought out response to the parties involved that will help answer the issue at hand.

2.) Avoid Winging it - I've heard people say the phrase "I was over prepared".........and I just want to make it clear.....That is bull......

You think the dudes at NASA are like "oh hey Jeff you think we should check those launch codes again just to make sure were prepared? NAH, we checked em I dont want to be over prepared......" If im one of those astronauts im gettin right off that dam ship......For real!

There is no such thing as being over prepared, you can be over rehearsed , you can over train, you can over react just like you can over wrench a screw BUT you can not be over prepared. Preparation is the Back Bone, the blue print, the foundation of a mentality around a topic.......The elements to become prepared are rehearsing, training etc. Preparation is the concept of working specific skills to expect to have a SUCCESSFUL experience. This means class, coaching, working on your own time etc. PLUS getting your mind and body right when the time comes when you get your opportunties.

EXPECTING to be successful because you have left nothing to chance rather than just reacting to success if it happens............Not traffic, not the lines, not your plan....Nada...Nothing....Zilch.....Left to chance....

Your reputation in this town is HUGE, perhaps one of the biggest elements in a game plan, and the second you get any stain of someone who wings it, is not as prepared as they need to be or has some place they would rather can expect the opposite of success....


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