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By: Jess Canty

Going to ease into 2019 with today's post.

It is great to be back and I am absolutely looking forward to all that is to come for each of you individually this year as well as the company as we grow.

Thought it might be fun to offer y'all a smorgasbord of things I came across over the break that I found inspiring, enlightening or just plain smart.

APPETIZER: I saw a post somewhere online recently from a director who suggested that when you are reviewing your own self-tapes - either before you submit them, or reviewing after for how you could improve - to watch your tapes with the sound off. Are you communicating the essence of the scene though your performance? If good acting is about behavior - this is a GREAT way to see if your behavior is coming through. Can tell what the scene is about without the dialogue?

MAIN COURSE: Was listening to How I Built This and Guy's interview with Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler the founders of Soul Cycle. You never know where another take on things will come from - but Julie Rice was an agent before she decided to launch soulcycle.

And right there in the middle of the interview was a great little tidbit - when she was asked why she thought she could make the leap to starting her own business and she said - and I'm paraphrasing a bit - as an talent agent she had "created businesses out of people" so creating a brick and mortar business didn't seem that much of a stretch. I think that is the BEST description of an agent's job that I have ever heard. They turn people into businesses.

I have had four agent-meetings in the last month and I can say that with each of them this perfectly describes the people I was sitting across the table from or on the phone with. As you build your relationship with your agent, think of it in these terms. If they are tough on you, say things you don't want to hear, push you to be the best version of yourself, make you want to work harder, give you opportunities to show your talents then are they not helping to make you into a business? And it speaks to another piece of the pie here - are you ready and willing to become a business? Because that is the job - along with the craft, you also must become a business. We are here to help guide you - and so is your agent. Each in our own ways - but each with the goal to create the business of you.

DESSERT: If you have not already listened to it I found Elvis Mitchell and Mahershala Ali's conversation on The Treatment back in December to be one of the best interviews with an actor I have ever heard.


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