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Shia LeFlapjack

by: Brian Gilleece


Learn Everything - from a broad range of topics and areas of interest. Everything you can from a narrowly focused topic list (your organization, discipline, etc.). Use the knowledge you have gathered and ask, “What does the data tell me?”


You ever heard this phrase? That is what this is referring to. While it's wonderful to very specialized in terms of focus it is MORE important to have a wide range of knowledge, especially as an actor.

Acting is telling the story of another person's experiences and what better way to be able to tap into those then to have a deep range of experiences and knowledge of your own to tap into! Plus you'll be better at parties!


Listen, he is vastly off base and borderline insane. Believe me, he is not a model to compare with BUT... Try to follow me anyway...

Several years ago during his challenges with drinking he was quoted saying he felt "having a drinking problem would be a positive for his career because it gave him grit/depth, made him more interesting." I'm paraphrasing, but he said this.

Lets Break That Down:

No, do not go and develop a debilitating and embarrassing substance problem (even though SAG Health insurance coveres 2 weeks a year of free rehab #malibu).

Ultimately what Shia is getting at is that being an actor and only an actor is boring, flat, lacks depth, and you can only get so far on acting. He has ONLY been an actor much of his life and I think in his comments he was looking for, in a very off base way, a way to become something more unrefined, more "real" than how actors are perceived. Looking for a way to add something to his performances that can not be coached or learned in class, and something that is not a technique. A raw, interesting quality.

I get it. This was a weird way to try to obtain that but, he's a weird guy. And there IS something about him that you just do want to watch. Shia LeBeouf Live - by Rob Cantor

Some resources:

Lifehacks: 10 Highly Desired Skills You Can Teach Yourself 50 Fun Things to Learn

WHO YOU ARE COMES ACROSS IN YOUR WORK: No matter what scene, what project, what writing who YOU are always comes across to a degree in your work, so broadening your own personal knowledge base of topics, skills, and experiences is always going to positively influence the depth and vision of your characters.

I would encourage you to read more (Jess Canty always recommends GREAT stuff + Variety & THR). Do more. And go outside your comfort zone more.

BEING AN ACTOR IS BORING. Be more. Be an interesting actor because your an INTERESTING PERSON.


Because Joe Flapjack working at the Sizzler to get his rent squared away and is over-trained and doesn't have a life outside of acting and his day-job is going in on the same auditions as you. Maybe he's in your category. MAYBE he has one more co-star. I don't know about you, but don't you dare compare me to somebody who works at the dam Sizzler in any capacity. If there is a work around to trump that guy by having some tricks up my sleeve man... trust I'm gonna find 'em. Strategy is using what is available to create a favorable outcome.

Have more available!

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