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Updated: May 31, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

FOCUS ON YOU: Things slow down in this part of the year, and while I don't want to beat this horse again, I will. There really are only a few things to be thinking about to align you in a more promising spot for episodic regardless If you consistently go out or not. and if you you are not consistently out, well shit man.... What are we waiting for?

THE PHOTO: This says it ALL! Winners focus on them selfs and what they can do to win.....losers focus on winners....Period. I would encourage ALL of you to Be absolutly disgustingly selfish about your career, focus on YOU. Work on identifying and eliminating negative thinkers from your life, time wasters, pie in the sky dreamers and energy sucks........Lot's of those not only in this life, but life in general, if someone is not part of your solution they are part of the problem.........We here to go to brunch and make "Friends" or we here to be insanely successfull?? Be careful with you time.....if you would like some good books on this to read, feel free to email me, I can send you list.

1.) Training - You need be training, with a name brand school, and doing great work, your best work, ALL the time. List of classes are on the Cinterra client page of the website.

2.) Materials - You need to make sure your materials are tip-fricken-top, they are your calling card. If you have old footage - figure it out, if you have old shots - figure that out, if you stuff does not work, FIGURE THAT OUT. You see the theme here? Figure it out, lots of resources in this town.

3.) Your Look - Ya'll are professionally on camera, working to professionally be examined by potentially hundreds of millions of people. Make sure you teeth are WHITE, you skin is the best it can be and for god sake take care of your self, what ever that means to you fitness wise, whatever your BEST level of that is, it needs to be a priority. Being YOUR BEST, is 100% your job, and is incredibly important.

4.) Agents - If you owe a list to us of your top 5-10 places Suggest you getting that in, Agents are/have cut their bottom 20% er's (that's how this biz works) and will be looking to find some new folk, so shot us the list and then find a way to go in these meetings and show them the money! Das all there is to it! We are VERY VERY good at finding agents for folks, but will not live your life for you, spend time, find a great match and give us the info so we can help you help yourself.

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