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By: Brian Gilleece

Much like a detective there are many elements of this world that as actors we need to decant in order to be able to the see the WHOLE picture, we're we fit in and how to get to were we want to go. So let's talk about the steps of crime scene investigation!


This process is the gathering of key evidence that will help you to asses the playing field. In a detectives case its possible suspects, murder weapon, bloody glove etc but in our case it can be things such as.Agents & ManagersCoaches & ClassesKey Casting OfficesPoint People w/ Connections


This process is critical in investigation because it can put key people in key places at the right or wrong time, its key for us because if we are too early or too late to a certain aspect on our timeline, we can miss an opportunity.

Ex: You have a great connection at a casting office, who knows personally a producer you know has a green lit show, you pull a card to get an audition but you still haven't been able to book a network co-star or a real movie.....Guess what, your timeline is F*cked up, there is now way you'r in the mix on that part and you won't be able to pull that card again. You're too early.

Make sure your goals are REALISTICALLY aligned with your timeline, dont like your timelines length? Then speed it up by ripping through what needs to get done to get there. Just be better, don't complain, your timeline is completely up to you.

"Actors expectations can't be larger than their resume"

~An Agent We Know & Love

#3 Follow Every Lead

Detectives investigate every witness statement and tip that's called in because investigations are rarely straightforward, and guess what incase you have not realized neither in your career.

You need to track down EVERY lead you can:

  • SAG-FOUNDATION EVENTS & SAG SCREENINGS (If your SAG and not going to these....I dont really know how else to say it....You're being ignorant, These things are so worth it and the people I see there are people who I know for a fact work often.)-

  • CD WORKSHOPS (real ones)

  • PROPER USE OF TALENT REPORT (If you have questions here you need to ask, this is extremely valuable information that almost no other actors get on a regular basis and if you re squandering it I have zero sympathy for you.)

  • INSTAGRAM - Yup, properly, Jess Canty got into it briefly yesterday but you would spin on your head if you knew the folks I speak with in the DM on a pretty regular basis on IG.

  • SCREENING & PREMIERS - If you are in a movie, it is mandatory you attend the premier lest you are working. Don't be stupid, this a place to gain fans and friends, show support for success and network with people in an easy setting, and this is a VERY small town.

Ex: Let me give you an example of how small: I was at an event recently and overheard a woman say her name and I knew Cinterra managers had met with recently about potential representation. I'd never seen this woman or met her. She spoke positively with her friend about the meeting and members of the Cinterra team. Imagine if she did not? Think I would nark on her to our managers? You think that may effect her ability to sign? You're damn right.

#4 Treat Everything as Evidence

Everything has the ability to be learned from. Every single time in an office, every single time doing a tape, every single time your in class training. Every thing you do needs to get jotted down in your "murder book" (thats what detectives call it) and documented as part of the discovery of this case. Our case, crushing the game and being on film and television every single chance we can!

#5 Preserve the Evidence

In many crimes the first 48 hours are the most critical but often times crimes are solved long after they were committed so it is crucial to preserve the evidence. WTF Brian?

How does that come around to me and acting. It does because there are things we need to do to preserve our spirts, likeness and skills incase our case does not get solved for a few years.

  • Physically: I don't care what it is, you need to find a way to treat your body right or your mind will not be right.

  • Training: you need to be keeping your skills on ice, making sure they are fresh and ready to go.

  • Spiritually: You need to root our naysayers and negative people who drain your energy, this thing can be energy draining enough.

  • Creatively: You need to find a way to stay sharp creatively, stay engaged and energized by the work, by creating and by exploring your imagination.

  • Relationships: If you are developing strong casting or agent relationships, that is on YOU to continue, you are responsible for developing these in fruitful situations.


Guys & Gals, this can be a meritocracy -

the harder you work, the better results you will receive.

It is not brain surgery. If you put in more hours, meet more people, and do better work you will be able to look back on your life and feel pride.

Take a moment to think about what you want who you

want to PROVE RIGHT and what you're going to do to

make it happen.

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