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By: Brian Gilleece

Get ready, grab your mochachino light foam extra hot soy decaf caffeinated latte'achino, today we will start our 9 part series on...


Which applies most to you, and how to maximize your goal-achievement by utilizing your own motivational style. Different types of motivation fall into two main categories, Intrinsic and Extrinsic. We are going to review and discuss those major categories before we begin moving into more specific forms of motivation.

INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: Intrinsic motivation is a type of motivation in which an individual is being motivated by internal desires.

  • For example, let’s say an individual named Chad has set himself a goal to begin losing weight and becoming healthier. Let’s also imagine that Chad's reason to pursue this path of fitness and wellness is to improve his health overall and feel happier with his appearance. Since Chad's desire to change comes from within, his motivation is intrinsic.

EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION: Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is a type of motivation in which an individual is being motivated by external desires.

  • Rather than being motivated by the need to look better and feel healthier, let’s say that Chad was feeling pressure from his wife to slim down and improve his physique so that she would be more attracted to him.

Since this pressure comes from the outside, this is an example of extrinsic motivation.

BE YOUR OWN BEST DICTATOR - FEAR: The word “fear” carries a heavily negative meaning, but when it comes to motivation, this is not necessarily the case as it can be a huge driver. Anyone who is big on goal-setting and achievement knows that accountability plays a huge role in following through on goals. When you become accountable either to someone you care about or to the general public, you create a motivation for yourself that is rooted in the fear of public failure. This fear helps you to carry out your vision so that you do not fail in front of those who are aware of your goal.

This is a very public business and whether you are in the public or not, most of your friends and family know you're trying to be, so can you afford to fail? Are you worried about what that will look like? Does that scare you? Does a "regular life" scare you?

YIKES! This quote is the scariest thing on earth for me personally, honestly, this quote scares the sh*t out of me. But at the same time it is a HUGE motivator for me personally, for lots that I do, because it is SO scary. The idea, the concept, the wastedness is so frightening, so sad, so inconceivable... AGH! What is YOUR scared sh*tless quote? Do you have one? What fear motivates you? What if you let people down? What if you wasted time? What if you let YOURSELF down? What if you did not try hard enough?

WRAPPING UP ABOUT FEAR: Fear-based motivation is extremely powerful as long as the fear is strong enough to prevent you from quitting. Dictators use fear-based motivation because it creates unrest and unrest creates need for action which in turn they are able to manipulate by directing this need for action in a direction or at a target that is favorable for them.

Employing the same tactic within your personal life can be effective if the fear is real enough, and the stakes are high enough. Learning if this works, or is your form of motivation, just happens to be a personal "build" thing.

I encourage you to explore it, set a goal with real stakes and tell someone about it, then try to achieve it. Did you feel anxiety in not achieving it? Were you motivated by it?

Take it for walk, try it on, is it your style?

HAVE A MOTIVATED WEEK! This is the only one like it!!!

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