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By: Brian Gilleece

Show @ The Complex


Strong Self Tape/Audition Tape

....The cold hard facts.

Alright, if you have been in LA for any amount of time, and in this business, you have inevitably been dragged to "The Complex" in Hollywood to see a "show." Listen, I want to be clear, I love performing, I'm glad other people love performing, and if doing a show at this place is enjoyable for you PLEASE go for it, BUT, let me break out to the math for you so nobody thinks it will be some kind of positive career move.

There are stages at The Complex that seat 12... 12. You could literally perform a monologue at the Valero Station and 12 people would see you. I would venture to say It may even be more interesting.

Let me break out the math and we'll see just how many people see your awesome self-tape over your... show... at the Complex.


I will use two examples: 1.) Drama Guest Star 2.) Soap Contract Role


Round 1 - Drama Guest Star: Agent(s), Manager, Casting Director, Associate, Assistant, Reader = 6

Callback - Drama: Agent(s), Manager, Casting Director, Associate, Assistant, Reader, Producer(s), Associate Producer, Writing Team, Director. = 12+

Round 1 - Soap-Contract: Agent(s), Manager, Casting Director, Assistant = 4

Callback - Soap/Contract: Agent(s), Manager, Casting Director, Associate, Assistant, Executive Producer, Producer, Associate Producer, Segment Producer, Network Executives (plural), Writers, Creator = 14+


Drama Guest Star - 15+

After which, your tapes will be sent to whoever else WANTS to watch them, additional executive producers, network people, other writers etc... Minimally your tape will be seen by 20 sets of eyeballs.

Total = 22 People, 44+ plays, exists forever, in front of people who actually cast and producer film and TV.

Soap Contract - 16+

I'm also being conservative as there are upwards of 12 people in the room on a contract role here. This tape will be sent along to casting, regional casting, executive producers and anyone else who is interested. Minimally, you will be seen by 30 sets of eye balls.

Total =32 People, 64+ Plays, exists forever, in front of people who actually cast and producer film and TV.

SHOW AT THE COMPLEX: First off, we know how hard it is to get anyone to go to anything, so let's say you get the conservative space at the complex, 12 luxury seats in the heart of Hollywood, no parking, bathrooms down the hall past the bail bonds place.

Show 1: Close Friends, Maybe Family. = 12 people

Show 2: Whoever missed show one, your agent (maybe but probably not) = 7 People Show 3: Whoever works at the Complex = 3 People Total = 23 People. 99.9% of which, can not help you and do not cast or produce any real film or TV, and it cost you money.


This all comes back to making smart, informed, everyday decisions about your career. Doing the right things, not just doing "things." Tops spin real fast, but they don't really go anywhere do they?

We all want opportunities to perform, but I need to remind you as an actor, many times performing will come packaged as an audition. I have seen too many examples of people over-extending themselves, and sending in really lack luster work, and guess what? Your people get bummed about it, and to what end?

You had a show late so you pencil-whip your guest star audition for NCIS? Do you know what NCIS residuals look like? You were at a comedy workshop so you we're tired at your Howard Meltzer Audition? He's the MAIN comedy guy. You we're out networking so you were underprepared for a network opportunity? Well you won't be getting another one anytime soon.

These are the facts. The realities. Each Tape, each opportunity is your shot to perform and show your BEST self. Questions on how to do this, you have a team, Sarah Baker Grillo, Bay Dariz & Jess Canty are here to direct you in these choices and figure out how best to shine.

Don't take your performances for granted... You never know who may see your tape. #cinterra #prepared #bestwork

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댓글 2개

2019년 10월 21일

JJ Abrams saw my tape for Westworld. You know how I know? He f*ckin told me. That is all. -Brian


2019년 10월 21일

Brian is NOT joking here about your tapes being held onto by casting. Did you know that your callback tape could be used as your Network Test? Yep! That is right - these days, the "network test" is very often on tape - and it could even be a prior tape. They simply schedule a time for executives to get together and review your callback tape. That is why you have to do your BEST WORK every single time you are in front of a camera - be it in your apartment, the Cinterra office or in front of casting. ~Jess

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