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By: Brian Gilleece

**WELCOME TO THE WEEK!**. Welcome back, hope everyone had a great long weekend and end to the summer, can you belive how fast it went? whAt!?

Let's chat about...........


"Patience is a Virtue" and the reason for this is because most people don't have it, Exhibiting patience means that you can be persistent and stay in something for the long run. It's respectable. Patience is a virtue because it requires self-control.

One of the QUICKEST ways to sour people in business is to show lack of control or respect for the process or how things "actually" work in contrast to how you would "like" things to work. Actors get a bad rep because they don't respect or want to learn the actually speed of things in this biz, so let's have y'all be better then that!

1) Be Patient & Know You're Better Than Other People:

Patience is an exercise of self-control that shows you can handle life when times get tough, have the ability to look outside of yourself, and can withstand judgment when you need to. Exhibiting patience shows that you have a high moral standard in life, high threshold for tolerance and draws respect from peers. Here are some risk of NOT being patient:

  • It can cause you to make poor decisions that affect your health and your happiness.

  • It can AND WILL waste your time.

  • It can put you under a lot of stress.

  • It can affect your relationships in a very negative way.

  • It can cause you to feel self-doubt and decrease your confidence level.

2) Be Patient and stop being "That Guy": Being Patient requires you to have the insight to think about other people and their happiness. For example, instead of telling someone a secret or blowing a surprise that would make someone very happy, patience will help you wait it out and see the secret or surprise through. It helps you stay calm and composed during a time where you just want to tell someone something you are excited for them to know.

  • Ex: Ever take a photo on set and you just GOTTA PUT IT UP NOW, well don't, be patient, have some resect for your peers, the creators and yourself. Put it up at the right time, not the right now time.

3) Being Inpatient solves nothing: You ever see these people, doing "the most" in traffic making all kinds of lateral moves speeding up, crushing the brakes only to have you slide up next to them at the light. Were are they going? Are they en-route to stop a terror threat or are they just late for work at the Dollar General? In any case, the lack of patience DOES NOTHING to speed up the process of getting to the destination. The added stress, worry, or anxiety that comes from being impatient is not going to speed up anything, but it will affect your health and your happiness negatively as well as your decision-making mind set. Practice patience instead. Go with the flow. And, stay composed during experiences that are completely out of your control.

4) Be Patient & Achieve What REALLY Matters: When you have patience, you can do all the things that need to be done in order to create something great. You have the mind set, the perspective, and the ability to influence people in the correct way. You don’t skimp over important details. You don’t rush through things and do them half as good as they should be done. You take your time and make sure that you tend to what you want so that it results in something amazing.

  • Ex: Instead of sending a string of loosely worded emails with thing you "need", craft something that really explains yourself correctly, gives points of action, and provides a clear roadmap for the receiving party. It will go a long way.

5) Belive It Or Not, Not Everyone or Everything Runs on YOUR schedule: When you are impatient, you are often demanding that other people run on your schedule and in business and friendship this is a perfect way to run into some challenges or roadblocks. When you exhibit patience, you show other people that you value their time and their schedule in life as well as what they bring to the table for you, and that helps you earn other people’s respect. Always remember that not everything is under your control. If you do, you will have an easier time exhibiting patience when you need to. You will find yourself more capable of working unexpected obstacles.

  • Ex: I asked for the script from my rep 4 hours ago for my audition, what are they doing!? Chances are they are working with 100+ other clients, making a living and your audition is 3 days away. They have categorized your need lower in terms of time need then other clients of equal importance. Know their world, respect their grind. it's OK, they will get to it, just relax... Be Patient. Peppering them will only hurt your standing within the organization...

Wrapping it Up:

Look, if you read this post your are already exhibiting some of the patience required to be a success at ANY business especially one such as ours that sometimes has a long runway to take off. Learn all you can at each step, focus, respect others' time and abilities and don't be "That Guy" running around with your head cut off. I will leave you with this: Activity is not progress. While running in a circle is technically running, there is no progress. Value your time and efforts by giving them purpose.


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