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By: Brian Gilleece

Welcome back to another season of Indians Baseball!

Ahhhhhh the smell of fresh cut breakdowns, Starbucks and protein bars wafting through a casting off..........2019 is here! The team is very excited to share in everyones success so lets start off on the right foot!

"A lot of people say you can tell how the season is going to go by the first batter of the year"

Lets make sure we have everything dotted and crossed:

  • Your casting sites 100% square and paid? (LA, AA & CF, if you have a Canada rep Casting Billboard?)

  • Email box cleaned out and alerts on your phone?

  • Not booked out?

  • Contact info on your sites buttoned up?

  • Your agents know you're here and ready to rock?

  • Got your coaches lined up? (Guest star or better coaching is required remember)

Allot like Willie Mays hays it would probably feel great to reach first as the first batter on the first pitch of the year, but lets make sure we don't get throw out at first for having any of our shoes untied. Wouldn't feel great to book your first audition of the year?

Keep in mind WHY you love to do this.........Why you started.....Why this journey is important to you.....Why you need to be the best version of you that you can be....

It's a new year, a new at bat, a new chance to start the wheel with the right momentum in the right direction and that DECISION comes from you, RIGHT NOW, TODAY, THIS MOMENT on how you are going to make 2019 the BEST year of your career.....

Jess has several announcements and updates she will be sending out to the team today so please keep up on your emails etc.


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