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By Brian Gilleece



In General when you hear people say they are "bored" it seems to be a by product of far too much leisure time. Aimlessness. Lack of activities.

The reason this phrase is largely considered "True" (I used largely here because there are always some outliers, although i've never seen them) is because there is no lack of activities to do or learn on this planet, no lack of things to achieve, ONLY a lack of desire to seek the knowledge to learn and do and achieve them.

Hence, interesting people are interesting because they know many things and have many skills and boring people are boring becuse they don't. Thats it.

"Hey Sara, how was the party last night?"

"Wow, let me tell you, I talked to this guy, he didn't know S*it and had almost no skills, WHAT A NIGHT!"


It has been said that each moment is a blessing that we only receive once, what we do with it is our own and only once. Imagine that? Imagine if every moment we held with such reverence, such fondness for, such solace in determining it's worth and crafting something great out of it. Maybe that is not possible 100% of the time, but 50%? What if just 25% more? What if just 7% more? What would we have, we're would we be? Creating more powerful moments just a small percentage of the time more then most people, what does that translate too.....


in·ter·est·ing - /ˈint(ə)rəstiNG/


arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention.

What do we think makes someone interesting? If we were to extrapolate on this definition, word by word the word curiosity stands out. Is it a coincidence that people who arrise curiosity in others typically are very curious about the world around them? Are knowledgeable and have a breath of life experience? Is it a coincidence that holding and catching attention are possible because and interesting person has a large depth of information to dig from, stories with depth, perspective with substance? I think not. It is all not a coincidence that that's it's "the most interesting man in the world" not "the most average person in the world", PS, I suspect that actor is most likely quite interesting.


I don't know if y'all knew, but Cinterra has three great managers who are very hard working, THUS Cinterra get's MANY submissions from actors who seek their services. Often times, I will first pass them to sanity check (this is were they often go off the rails) and check for BS, things Jess Canty Sarah Baker Grillo Bay Dariz & Schyler Martin need not waste their very important time on. The overwhelming thing with these "pitches" from actors is I get about 1/8th of the way into it and go "HOLY COW THAT PERSON IS BORING, omg we're is the trash can button", and if this is how they make me feel over the internet, with unlimited time, no pressure in the comfort of their home, imagine how casting will receive them in an audition room? Yikes.

The reason they come off as boring is because they claim to be creative people, but, don't find creative ways to showcase themselves, they don't seem to have exceptional knowledge or skills in the creative field and they don't explain their creative strengths in a way that translates. They don't pop or shine which makes them, yup, BORING.


Fix it. Here are a bunch of links on places to start.







We been seeing these type of meme's on the internet now a days right?

"Corona is turning me into a fat alcoholic"

The people who post this stuff love excuses to be who they really are, finally and excuse! They are lazy. They are uninteresting. They are painfully average.

But we HATE excuses right? Hate Average? We are trying to leave a mark, be and have more in this life than most people really ever attempt to dream about. We have so much time right now to grow, read, train, be in online class, learn to edit, learn to shoot, learn to write, run more, learn to do a back flip, do 900 push ups a day, do yoga, online chess, learn Chinese, unlearn Chinese, learn monologs, start a blog and the list goes on and on and on...

Anything can be learned. BE INTERESTING, because that above most else is the job. How much more color can you help the casting director, director and producers bring to their production, how much does the camera want to look at you, what skills, background and flavors can you include in their actor soup to make it the most delicious actor soup in town.

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Interesting.

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