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By: Brian Gilleece

You ever hear some JAG ("just a guy", its a sports term for someone who is nothing special) say to you "Oh this soul sucking town," or something of that nature? Well let's talk about it!


My dad used to say "only boring people get bored", a product can only be derived of ingrediants that are already there...

It's important when you hear phrases like this to not internalize them, they are just not true they are a product of THAT person's failures. Yah, is LA really more soul sucking then Sheboygan or one of the 50 Springfield's, or ughhh gross... Orlando.

LA is one of the most creative, energetic, beautiful places to live not only in the country but in the world so you have to ask you self, if someone says something so derogatory like this WHAT would make that happen? Well I guarantee that they DON'T do any of the following effectively.


If you don't DO, achieve and work for yourself and are always trying to please others you are going to get got, no question about it, seen it 1000 times, its unsettling to watch. Creating your worth based on others perceived perception or wanting to be "liked" is a recipe for disaster, especially in our business when the margins are so thin between booked & did no book. Do the work for you, for your love of the gave, not to please casting, your agent, your manager, your parents, your dog (Sara Coates, except Ruben) etc. Know your value and live your life and goals for internal reasons not external.

2) DESIGN SMILES But according to Stanford’s famous “Designing Your Life” class, you can actually home in on what happiness means to you, and restructure your life around it. Instead of just abstractly chasing happiness, they suggest you journal it daily. Start by writing down the specifics — when you were happy, what you were doing, why did it make you happy, etc.). If you notice reoccurring themes or patterns, start changing your goals or routines to incorporate them.

3) CULTIVATE THAT ENTREPRENEUR Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, and if you aren’t thinking that way already, it’s time to get on board. According to Forbes, “being entrepreneurial is essentially about thinking and doing something that we have not done before. It is about assessing a situation, designing alternatives, and choosing a new way — or perhaps a combination of ways.” You do not need to invent a new app to be innovative — just start thinking outside of the box. Start trusting your instincts and thinking bravely.

4) DO GOOD SH*T! Multiple scientific studies have shown that paying it forward not only makes others feel better, but creates long-lasting feelings of joy within yourself, and can provide that much-needed boost to your overall mood. University of Pennsylvania Professor, Martin Seligman, notes: “We scientists have found that doing a kindness produces the single most reliable monetary increase in well-being of any exercise we have tested.” Bring some healthy snacks into work or class. Offer people coffee. Offer to help with a project. Do what you can to get the whole team beaming, and they’ll do the same for you.

5) ZEN BRUH. If you haven’t already jumped on the Zen Bandwagon, it’s about time you stop making excuses and just start meditating. Studies have shown that meditation can help to reduce depression and anxiety, increase memory and awareness, may grow your empathy for others and can boost your immune system. How and when you meditate is completely up to you; do what works into your schedule and what you are most likely to be able to develop into a routine (remember, the easier the task, the easier it is to make it a habit). The Conscious Life is a great resource for beginner meditators, answering questions like what to do if you find yourself falling asleep, explaining various breathing exercises and suggestions on time of day and surrounding environment.

Do the best for YOU Everyday... I don't know about you, but I'm 100% ok with letting people get their souls sucked... There's too much traffic anyway, more room for me LOL...

Have a GREAT week, never gonna be another one just like it!

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