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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

**HAPPY MONDAY** Things in town are slowing down so let's make sure to "keep ya' mind right" and continue to fill our time with positive, forward momentum. TODAY we hit out last item in our discussion of "The 9 Types of Motivation"!

Incentive motivation or reward-based motivation is a type of motivation that is utilized when you or others know that there will be a reward once a certain goal is achieved.

Because there will be something to look forward to at the end of a task, people will often become more determined to see the task through so that they can receive whatever it is that has been promised. The better the reward, the stronger the motivation will be!


  • I have a vision board / Pinterest of the things I want

  • I'm largely motivated achievements, physical and non

  • I'm motivated by knowing the finish line

LETS CHAT ABOUT IT: Incentive theory instead suggests that we are pulled into action by outside incentives. You can liken incentive theory to operant conditioning. Just as in operant conditioning, where behaviors are performed in order to either gain reinforcement or avoid punishment, incentive theory states that your actions are directed toward gaining rewards.

What type of rewards? Think about what type of things motivated you to study hard and do well in school. Good grades are one type of incentive. Gaining esteem and accolades from your teachers and parents might be another. Money is also an excellent example of an external reward that motivates behavior. In many cases, these external rewards can motivate you to do things that you might otherwise avoid such as chores, work, and other tasks you might find unpleasant.

  • Incentives can be used to get people to engage in certain behaviors, but they can also be used to get people to stop performing certain actions.

  • Incentives only become powerful if the individual places importance on the reward.

  • Rewards have to be obtainable in order to be motivating. For example, a student will not be motivated to earn a top grade on an exam if the assignment is so difficult that it is not realistically achievable.

SO WHAT IF THIS IS ME? WHAT THEN? Rewards or Incentives can be both internal and and external motivators. So maybe you want to floss a new Rolls around town, so people can SEE you made it or maybe you want to prove someone in your past wrong who said "you can't do it, you will fail". Whatever the motivator they are all equal IF they are true to you and are really what drives your process.

WARNING. INCENTIVES MAY HAVE SHIFTED DURING FLIGHT: "The value of an incentive can change over time and in different situations,"

Our culture and world is a bit obsessed with the physical and tangible things that we can obtain via success BUT when you dig into it most times these things are not what motivates people but the result of another motivator. Make sure your incentives that motivate you are the true motivators and not a by product, make sure they are current and what may have once been a driver may not be strong enough now. You may be much more motivated by food when your hungry then when your not... Ya dig?

If this is you.....WRITE DOWN the things that motivate you and put that somewhere you can see......Stare them in the face....Are they still current? Put them in your car, on your laptop on your bathroom mirror.

Keep your motivators top of mind for when you need them! It takes allot to keep at it, so lets make sure everyone has the fuel they need to stay on the balls of their feet and see pushing this bolder up the hill!

Check out this Article for further reading on the subject.


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