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By: Brian Gilleece

People often say that it’s not what we do, but who we know that dictates our success. For people driven by affiliation motivation, this is most certainly true. Those who use affiliation motivation as a driving force to meet their goals thrive when they connect with others in higher power positions than them. They also thrive when those people compliment the work that they do as well as their achievements

DIGGING IN TO IT: The "Lone Wolf" theory of strength is often used in Hollywood because it's sexy and easier to showcase on screen, but it is actually less prevalent than folks who are motivated by affiliation. If you look around at all the Guilds and Groups and Unions and organizations that recognize people in our business clearly the writing is on the wall, a strong portion of people in Hollywood are Affiliate-Motivated - i.e. they organically seek recognition from their peers in order to satisfy their own self satisfaction, worth, sense of achievement, internal motivation and even credibility.


  • Works Best in a Group

  • Does not like high risk or uncertainty

  • Enjoy's balanced feedback from peers

  • Works best under direction of positive motivation

  • Favors Collaboration over competition

THIS STUFF IS LIKE FORTUNE COOKIES!?: If this is you, you are going to want to take a look at a few things in your career path to make sure your on the right track.

  1. Your Training - if you train with Leslie Kahn and you are affiliate-motivated chances are you are not going to be getting the best result. Her direct, more confrontational, non collaborative method that puts you on the spot may not jive with your more tentative need for positivity and equal discussion. She's a good teacher, and has a good style, and your a good actor BUT, simply put, you won't be speaking the same language or gaining the results you desire. So why bang your head against the wall? Find a class were the style works for your style.

  2. How you interact with your team - You agent team to a certain extent has to "one- size fit all" many aspects of how they interact with clients BUT, you can start to frame that in a way that feels more comfortable for you to make it feel more collaborative, more positive, and more like a discussion. This may help reframe your focus with them and become a better relationship. Jess may have some ideas to help you with this.

  3. Your Peer Group - If you are affiliate motivated chances are you have a group of folks around you who enhance your already ingrained belief structure, it's just fundamental to your nature of thinking. Careful, that need for positive feedback and group collaboration can cause stagnation. Push your self to make sure you are in a social and professional group that pushes you, not that YOU are pushing.

OK, SO ARE YOU DONE? Yes.... Kinda.

The goal of this discussion is to help you identify HOW you are motivated. Because you can't learn, or achieve, or get better if you are not motivated. And if you dont know HOW you are naturally wired to be motivated then how do you get to the finish line?

If you are going to spend what is estimated to be 4 hours a day looking at screens, use 30 min of that to take a look at your self and learn about YOU. Think you might deserve that? As busy as you THINK you are, I promise you you are not, just stop, read something, do something for you.

And if you think you got everything all figured out, well son, your thought process just told you all you need to know.

You get out what you put in, that includes what you put in your head!

Learn more. Do More. Be Rad AF!

GO get em, only week like this ever in life!

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