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By: Brian Gilleece

**GOOD MORNING!** And just like the we have a new set of downs to play with, a new week! Lets continue out discussion on the 9 types of personal motivation!

COMPETENCE MOTIVATION: Have you always wanted to be better at anything you do? Is one of your goals to learn how to do your job better or improve at your hobby?

Competence motivation is a type of motivation that helps others to push people forward and become more competent in a certain area. The central thesis of the theory is that individuals are attracted to participation in activities at which they feel competent or capable.

Conversely, on-lookers are attracted to people that they see as fundamentally competent in a particular field or as a person either via natural ability or via demonstrated work.

For athletes, or any individual to achieve their highest potential, a framework that will enhance their perception of competence and consistent information-based feedback within that environment is required.

BREAKING IT DOWN: "Yo, dude? WTF. Its like 8am, what does any of that mean or have to do with my acting career?"

Well just calm down boss, I'm 'bout to get to that! This one is interesting because there are two aspects at play here:

  1. TRAINING YOUR COMPETENCE: You are what you eat. You are also what you don't eat. This theory highlights the importance of training in an effective space with people who push you, and a coach who does not sprinkle glitter and sunshine all over you. Take a look at who you train with (and if you don't train with anyone, well, thats gotta be adjusted. If its good enough for Tom Cruise its good enough for you). Are you being challenged? What does your credit list look like compared to the rest of the class? Do you think you're the BEST person in there? If that is the case its time for a new class. The job is to "enhance your perspective of competence." In non PhD terms, "raise your bar" and turn your ceiling now into your basement later.

  2. OTHERS' PERCEPTION OF YOUR COMPETENCE: You ever just meet someone and go "oh yeah they know what they are doing." I have, you all have, Jess Canty has an EXTREMELY high level of perceived competence. You just believe in the integrity of basis in what she is saying because there is a strong knowledge background that has taken years to obtain. Obama (regardless of your politics) is another example of having a strong affect of competence. He appears to have deep knowledge of topics, and can explain them in a succinct and understandable fashion. Your job as an actor is to raise your "perceived competence" when you walk in the audition room, on set, or into a meeting. This is the WHOLE job. Fighting the stigma that actors are not competent, or not as competent as they claim to be. Do you think a series regular is someone that the network has a strong degree of competence in to hang their hat on? F*ck yah, we talking dollar bills here homes!

A friend of mine just signed on as a series regular on the new ABC Series "Sue Sue In the City", its a spin off of "The Middle". He did 53 episodes on the The Middle to be considered in contention for a series spot on the new show. He had to sit and meet with all the producers, more then once (5 times), network people multiple times, as well as a psychologist to asses his "mental well being" because they suspect the show to be a hit and want to know if he will be able to sustain the pressure of that.

And they KNOW this guy, for years! Ultimately his "perceived competence" was deemed high, and of course this an extreme example BUT, this is what you're doing the second you step on a lot, second your in the room with a CD.

Does that CD get the feeling from you you fundamentally know what you are doing? That you're in control, and you can steer the ship in whichever direction they think it needs to go? I can tell you from sitting with all of you, some of you have this quality and some of you need to do some work on it.

Good news! Here's an article to help get that going or to enhance what you already have, there is never to much "perceived competence!"

DON'T BELIVE ME? WATCH THIS YOGA GUY! SERIOUSLY! #competencefordays #zen #breaklimitations

WRAP UP: I will leave you with this, it is a line from the video link above: "To be in a competitive situation, the thing is, you have to work on your competence."

Your desires don't matter, your dreams don't matter, ambition does not matter, and what you want does not matter. If you can't back it up with general basis of skills that is consistently above the competition, you will not be allowed to be in the mix.




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