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Living on Purpose

Updated: May 30, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

HOLYWOOD NOT SPORTS: Yes, I have mentioned sports quite a bit of late, I love the olympics and competition and seeing humans push them selfs to be their absolute best, BUT, I am sensitive to the fact many of ya'll may not feel the same way I do about sports. It's my hope you can still grab something out of these posts that motivates you, pushes you, makes you think or gives you little extra something in the morning!


I asked someone this past week the following question:

"What happened / scared you to push your life in the direction it's in. If you can do anything else you should do it. Why do you need to be an actor?"

Naturally I would never divulge who this was, but this individual had a very specific story, a very specific thing that scared them / hurt them as well as some challenges that occurred after making the decision to push their life in a different direction. It was emotional and it should be emotional. I would imagine many if not all of you have a similar specific instance that changed your life...... I know I do....... I'll even tell you what it is.......

MINE: Once upon a time I lived in Massachusets as a sales rep for huge company making a bunch of money, I hated it. I I hated the weather, I hated the people, I hate Tom Brady and I hated who it was making me. All of it. I was still THIS CLOSE to buying into that life. Before, I was and athlete, I was on the Radio as a morning personality, BUT I had friends, I went to college up there and it was easy, easy money, easy life......The scary part for me was........."it was easy".......I looked around one day and saw in my mind a whole community of people selling them selfs short, giving up on their dreams for shit they don't need and a life they never dreamed about.... And I couldn't un-see it......... The part that drives me is I was THIS close to accidentally living a life I had never imagined for my self and did not want..... I did not want a raised ranch house and a Ford Explorer, SORRY....

This SCARED/SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME and on some level pushes and informs every decision I make in my life, professional and personal. Imagine, ALMOST living your life accidentally............How scarey is that? Not living on purpose, but being a victim of circumstance in your own life...

WHAT IS YOURS? WHY ARE YOU HERE??: What's your story? What makes you push against the ranch and the Ford Explorer and say "NO, i'm special, I want something else for my time here" OR "I can't do anything else, this is the only thing for me"..........What drives you, why do you get up and keep doing this.......Think about it...... Really think about it..... What is it???

Remember in The Waterboy when Bobby's coach has to help him learn how to tackle again, and then figure out his "Tacklin' Fuel"?? WHAT IS YOUR TACKlIN FUEL'??

WANT TO AIR IT OUT?: If you would like to get some things out of your head, or off you'r chest or explore just hat the heck you are doing here and why and would like a safe place to do that, please feel free to share in the group OR in Private/confidential with an email to

Jess and I would LOVE to know what your motivation is........ of course it is 100% not mandatory.


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