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By: Brian Gilleece

#7 Get After It - Work through fears and anxieties. Take steps, not leaps. Commit to it, Control speed. Be responsive/adaptive. Persist and be a team player. .........................................................................................


Over the past 2.5 Months we have chatted on some of the different ways to become a fundamentally more strategic person, how to identify opportunities to be more strategic and WHY you need, NEED, to be strategic thinkers not only in this life, but in life in general. Strategic thinkers are in charge, make the big bucks, have power and influence and are over all more happy and satisfied in their lives because they are in CONTROL of their lives. Pretty sure those are attributes that everyone would want.

FEARS: Fear is stupid, its not real, you are not your fear your are only the awareness that experiences it. What ever fear you have, GET OVER IT. Overcoming Fears.

STEPS: Move forward, give yourself tangible goals to achieve and be aware of your success. Create a roadmap to success dont guess at it. How To Move

ACOUNTABILITY: Post it on your wall, tell your mom, tell your wife, tell you friend. Share your goals with others who can help motivate you to stay on task. When you tell others about what you intend to do, it puts a more intense pressure on you to keep working at it.

ADAPT/CREATE A TEAM: Attract like-minded people into your life and into business ventures and ideas. The Law of Magnetism says, “who you are is who you attract.” There are different quality levels to people In this life and nothing says just because you have "known" someone means you need to "Know" them.... Surround your self with people of a superior cloth instead of wannabe's and detractors. Support the ones on your team and TRY to be genuinely happy for their success because if played correctly, it will only help enhance yours.

WRAP UP: Nobody is expecting you to be an expert on thinking strategically at this point, BUT, the expectation is that you are growing as an actor and business person in the world of acting. To be anything and do anything worth doing, it's a requirment.

  • Not getting better means you're getting worse.

  • Not improving means someone else IS and your ass-out.

  • Find opportunities in your every day life, your day job, your social life to be more pointed, more specific, more strategic JUST as is required with quality acting, specificity is key!

  • Make a dedicated effort to operate with more intent, DIRECT your life, with every element, how you speak to people, how you communicate electronically and how you handle business communications, operate on a different level than the masses... I know, theatre school and acting class don't teach it... (they should)..... BUT, it is equally important and can have a profound effect on your ability to access quality work opportunties.

Forgot some of the "How To's" that we have spoke about? Well good news, check out the handy "Blog" Section on the client website and re-read them all!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress! Hope you Kinda enjoyed our 2.5 month chat!

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