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By: Brian Gilleece

**FELIZ LUNES!!** Welcome to another week and the start of a GREAT season to be an actor. 2017 had 487 scripted shows and 2018 is on pace to be nearly 560. Holy Cow, PLUS LA got our tax incentives renewed so PLENTY of the work outside of CW & TYLER PERRRY Land will be right here in good ole La La Land!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this town is the term "reputation", yours either precedes you in a good way, or in a less than productive way. We work and live in a very subjective business meaning, much of what is deemed good or bad is on "feeling" not hard facts or figures so one cannot afford to be a Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, or Barry Bonds. (If ya don't know, REALLY good baseball players, really terrible reputations. BUT, baseball is not subjective, if the ball goes over the wall, or the batter is struck out you get to keep playing despite your off-field or clubhouse antics.

Just the name of the game, but not our game.

Dont believe me, listen to this article from Backstage

PROTECT YA NECK: Casting Directors look at your social in a very real way, they google you and go 10 pages deep, they look up and down every thing you have on the internet. So there are two things you can do...

  1. CLEAN UP - Take some time and go through your instagram, facebook, twitter etc and eliminate EVERY single spec of media that does not positively reenforce your brand. Got in a spat with someone and called them "talentless," or something else negative? Or said something negative about Hollywood? Delete it.Have a few to many pictures of you out with folks having cocktails that could be misconstrued as someone who could potentially be unreliable? Delete it. Its just a picture, but people's perception of you via social media can really skew their reality, and perception is money, perception is working.

  2. I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA - Fine, nobody said you need to like it BUT, you need to then be a 100% ghost if you are going to opt out, which is an option! You can choose NOT to have a toe in the pool. There are many many people very good with social who are equally talented, so there is no sense trying to play in a world you are not interested in. If you want some mystique, an air of mystery, or just simply don't feel you have the bandwidth or passion to further your IG, FB, TWITTER etc, No worries... Cinterra is fine with that! BUT, then all of your accounts need to all be AIR TIGHT - completely private and locked down (or deleted completely) so that when casting does peek into you, there is nothing to see.

YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Police your social media presence & your associates in real life as well. Friends might mean no harm in joking around, making inappropriate comments or tagging you in unsafe-for-office photos, but harm can be done when potential business partners see this type of content.

"Your Friends Are A Reflection Of You", true, and this can be positive or negative. Be choosey with the space around you in your life.

Dont belive me? Listen to Forbes


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