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Kicking Tire Kickers To The Curb

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

Let's chat about some ways you can "get on the right track" or "Stay on Track".



kəmˌpärtˈmen(t)lˌīz verb

Divide into sections or categories. "he had the ability to compartmentalize his life"

With all the phones, screens, devices, people and places in LA it can be difficult to compartmentalize your time and thoughts, BUT this is hugely important. You can not be successful at something that you do not focus at 100% so taking time away to focus on your work is critical.

If you are learning sides, coaching, at class, or preparing for an audition there is zero reason to be focusing on ANYTHING else. I don't care if your roommate's hair is on fire, let them know you are preparing for work and it will have to wait till the end of your designated time - and maybe they should have been more careful.

A great way to segment your life is to break it up into ACTUAL times on the clock, so you "Punch in" for your sides review or audition prep from specific time to specific time and hold your self accountable to that. Set an alarm, create the physical, mental, and time space in your life to give yourself the chance to be successful.

Mobb Deep said it, "There aint no such thing as halfway crooks." In other words, you can't dip your toe in a life. You can't dabble. You are IN or you are OUT. There ain't no third direction.

I loved reading the term "tire kickers" in Vanie's guest blog!


tire kicker noun [ C ] UK ​ US ​ us informal disapproving COMMERCE ​someone who appears to be interested in buying something and asks a lot of questions but does not buy anything.

The best way to identify tire kickers is to ask one simple question: "Am I a tire kicker?" Be honest with your self, because if you are, this is who you will attract.

Are you REALLY interested in "buying" or do you just want to talk about it? Do you find yourself trying to skip steps? Are you convinced that things are easier for others? If you saw a sign that said "Get Rich Quick, call now!" would you call it? Tire Kickers want to TALK, not do, they are convinced there is another way, a faster way, a cheaper way but guess what? EVERYTHING is hard, takes work and time.

The best way to STOP this behavior and get rid of tire kickers in your life is to DO THE WORK. If you DO THE WORK and don't indulge these people they will find someone else's time to waste. Let them. It's certainly a challenge of life, and I have 100% had to make this choice with certain people, but ya know what? We have a finite amount of time on this planet and if you don't respect my time sorry, but, I ain't here to make no friends. :)

REMIND YOURSELF WHERE YOU'VE BEEN & WHERE YOU'RE GOING! It's easy to stand at the bottom of a building look up and feel like "how the hell am I gonna get up there?" But its much different once you find the stairs. Yup, gonna be alot of stairs, lots of steps, maybe even a cramp or two but, take time to reflect on each step, because every step you take is an accomplishment, and one you should be PROUD of! Especially if it is propeling you toward your goal.

You're here to do WHAT YOU LOVE.

Think about that. Very few people in life can say that. For all the up's and down's, inconsistency and little heartbreaks you are getting to do WHAT YOU LOVE.

Jess and I have sat with actors who do nothing but complain about missed opportunities: "My reps didn't do this," "I never get the break," "My toe hurts," blah blah blah blah BLAH and we always find ourselves thinking, "Why are they doing this to themselves if they don't love it? Nobody is asking for them?"

It's a hard gig, it takes alot of work, but we all know it is also very rewarding and amazing. SO... if you DO really love it, like REALLY REALLY LOVE IT, give your self some credit and take a look at what you have done, where you started and where you are going.

Maintain but also grow the LOVE of what you do, it is absolutly infectious to be around someone with passion for their craft. Its undeniable, the same way its a disease to be around someone who is sour.

Hold your love and passion for this business very carefully, keep it away from rotten apples, help it grow. It may be very difficult to get back if it's lost.



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