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Joey Bag-O-Donuts Doesn't Do Vision Boards

By: Brian Gilleece

DEEP DIVE #5, VISION BOARDS & STUFF: Continuing our conversation on thinking strategically!

#5 Visualize the Future - Possible positive and negative outcomes, Describe implications, Define worst-case scenario, Define best-case scenario, Review research/options; make a decision.


You ever hear of these people who make Vision boards? Think their crazy?

Well these folks are nearly 60% more likely to achieve their goals then people who do not have visual representation of their goals. Marketing teams pin up pictures on boards to focus their thoughts about look at feel options, weddings have "Look Books" and Pinterest is hotter then ever.

WHY??? Because it's not only important but CRITICAL to see were you are going, what you are running at, were the finish line is!! Otherwise how do you know when you got there?!?!

SPEND 10 MIN: Everyone is very busy, yes yes SURE, I know...But indulge me...Spend 10 min on a Monday Morning and focus on your career, be a bit more mindful. Let's run through this exercise quick!


POSITIVE: What are the positive outcomes of being a successful, well know, working actor?

NEGATIVE: What are the potential negative aspects of this career?

IMPLICATIONS: What are the different issues that may arise as a result of this career? Have you thought about them? What challenges may arise?

WORST CASE: What is the worst case scenario, could you live with it?

BEST CASE: What is the BEST case, could you live with that?

  • Take your positive answers and negative answers and put them next to each other. Looking at the issues in a visual setting is helpful in focusing your goals and driving a more precise and aimed approach.

  • What does YOUR acting career look like on paper, do you like it?

  • Are you happy with it?

  • What is YOUR acting Career Look book?

  • What do YOU want to achieve?

  • Who do you want your career to look like?

  • What is the time frame?!?! This month, this year, this decade?

This should be a constant ON GOING conversation with yourself and if you need to pin it up somewhere you can see it...Well, hey whatever gets the job done!

STEVE HARVEY on OWN Dont believe me? FINE, then listen to Mr. Steve Harvey, the guy loves him some look books and last I checked he is rich AF!

WRAP UP: Jess posted about that poor casting director yesterday, but the truth is, agents, managers and lots of folk in this town are JUST as frustrated with actors. NON-mindful actors...Impetuous NON-strategic actors... Childish, unprofessional actors who don't take time to treat this BUSINESS like a BUSINESS.

Read her story, and think about how EASY it could be to separate your self from Joey Bag-O-Donuts slinging Pho in El Segundo to get his Kia Rio payment squared up.

That sound like a guy who has a clear focus, a goal posted on his wall, precise direction and a plan? Or maybe he's one of the chowder heads tossing casting demo reels on an Eco-Cast at 3 in the morning.

Fortunately and unfortinatly 99% of people in this town are like Joey, you may even know some...I sure as heck do! SO LET'S FOCUS... LET'S SEE OUR VISION FOR OUR CAREER AND LET'S GET A PLAN TO GO GET IT!!

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