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By: Brian Gilleece

You know who said this? Everyone who is anyone. From Will Smith to Conor Mcgregor to Tony Robins to on on and on... So, you have probably heard this term, but let's dig into it, because it is not just "Physically Ready" or "Prepared" it's a mind set and a foundation for a type of life that has the ability to pivot when opportunities arise and can because it recognizes them and is ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

Check out this list from a very very smart entrepreneur who has made alot of dang money (Relax, its not that its all about money it's just a rubric for measuring his success) and has had tremendous success.


1) Have Smart Friends

All of my friends are smarter than me. Even (especially) the ones who don’t have college degrees.Being intelligent isn’t really about knowing everything. It’s about knowing one person who knows the most about SEO, one person who knows the most about building a house, one person who knows about taxes, and one person who knows the rules of international negotiation. "I gotta guy for that"

2) Stay Sharp

Make sure that every day, you’re aware of yourself, and focused on what you want in life, and how you’re going to get there. The thing to worry about is missing opportunities. It’s always the things we don’t do in life that we regret, so when the chance is there, and you see a gap or a moment where you could seize the day, just do it and think about it later. It either will be a good decision, or not, but you’ll never know if you just don’t’ do it.

3) Be Naive

One of the great ironies of human nature is this:We want to know every step of the process before we start. Yet, if we were truly aware of all it takes, there is probably no way we would ever move.Initial ignorance protects you from becoming overwhelmed. Do what you can do today. Start now. Figure out the rest later.

3) Invent Projects for Yourself:

Eric Thomas (a fairly successful speaker) recently admitted that he completely botched his first voiceover job.Although he knew he had a great voice, talking to a microphone in a studio was another monster entirely. So what did he do?He invented scripts and read them into his own microphone.“Here’s what I learned. If I stay ready, I never have to get ready.”— Eric ThomasDid the coffee shop down the street commission you to rebrand them? No. Do it anyway.Did HGTV call you to edit their new show about (get this) a spunky couple who is flipping houses? No. But one day they might.Will anybody ever hold you to a standard worthy of the best work? Probably not. But that's why you should.

5) Don’t Have a Safety Net

At least, not emotionally. Let’s pretend you are working a traditional 9–5er right now. But you are ambitious. You have goals of your own. You have a side hustle. You won’t spend your whole life selling your soul.The temptation, of course, is to take it easy during the key hours of the day in order to conserve your best thinking.This is the exact wrong instinct.Everything is momentum, a virtuous cycle. Do you think you will suddenly rise to excellence after a long day of half-heartedness? No. Greatness at a 9–5 rolls into greatness from 5–9 which leads to a good night’s sleep and that gives us a better chance. If anything is going to be attached to your name, don't do it halfway. You deserve better.

6.) Know Cheat Codes

…the band, not a series of buttons. Although they earned their name for the ability to hack their way to the top of the charts.After spending several years learning their craft and finding their voice, Cheat Codes got to tour with Demi Lovato (who had a name far more familiar to pop music fans).When given the chance to collaborate, Cheat Codes did not try and book time with Demi six months down the road. They did not start researching male/female songs. They immediately sent over a song they had already written and said “Demi, this would be great for you.”

Staying ready is much easier than getting ready, it's why the military drills the way they do, why athletes train the way they do, why plays rehearse the way they do, SO when show time comes it's muscle memory, it happens, there is no prep needed. Staying "ready" is often a struggle and the temptation to become complacent is high, but don't, leave complacency for the rest of the world, the 9-5er's, the worker bee's, that's not for you... GO GET EM!!

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