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By: Jess Canty

As I am typing talent reports are going out and I wanted to drop a quick note about why we send these and how to use them.

Please remember that we are no longer submitting on non-union projects unless there is something VERY special about them - i.e. we know the filmmakers / know it will be safe or there is significant pay (and thus it is clear the production has the budget to be operating safely). For this reason your report may have less listings than you are used to seeing. Also the business is not 100% back up and running - so there is this to consider. We are doing our best with the breakdowns that are available.

Ok disclaimers over...

WHY we send reports:

First and foremost, we believe in transparency. This is your career, not ours. We believe that it only makes sense for us all to be on the same page about what is out there, which offices you are submitted to regularly, and which shows have roles that are right for you.

WHAT this means for you:

Remember we look at and read upwards of 50 breakdowns per day, sometimes more. Each of these breakdowns can have anywhere from 1- 30 roles listed. There is absolutely NO CHANCE AT ALL that we can keep in our heads what we are submitting each client to. Even when we are pitching. I promise, my head is not capable of this.

This is why we have our database to track all of this activity and why we send out these reports.

It is up to you to use them.

HOW to use your report:

You need to start familiarizing yourself with the shows and casting offices to which you are being regularly submitted.

  • Are you watching these shows? If you get an audition, I promise it is 1000% easier if you know what this world is, what is happening in the world and who the other characters are.

  • Are you following these offices and casting directors on social media?

  • Are you googling these casting directors? Reading / watching interviews with them?

  • Who are the top 3 offices you are submitted to? Have you looked for workshops or zoom events with them that you can join? Do you know the name of everyone in their office? Do you know the name of their associates and assistants?

  • Have you communicated BACK TO YOUR MANAGER who these top 3 offices are? If you are regularly being submitted to a few offices/shows but are not getting called in, you should be having a discussion with your manager about why this is happening. Do they need some supporting material for a pitch etc...?

We are here to help strategize all of this with you - but we need you doing the individual work to analyze the information we are sharing with you and communicating back to us how we can better help you. #helpmehelpyou

Finally, I have been seeing a ton of agents and managers in groups I am in complaining about some strange behavior from their actors. Actors forgetting to include slates on their tapes. Actors not getting their tapes done by the deadline. And worst of all, lackluster, halfhearted performances.

And the thing is - I think it is to be a bit expected. We are all rusty!

Trust me, it has been really hard wrapping my head around sitting in front of my computer for 10 hours a day again. But the thing is - we simply don't have the luxury of easing back into this.

If the last six months has taught me nothing else - it has taught me that we must take opportunities when they are presented to us, because we have no clue what tomorrow will bring.

  • If you are not in class - you need to get back into it. You have been out of the acting gym for six months - and this WILL SHOW in your tapes.

  • If you have been lagging on getting a decent self-tape set up you need to get one. I have seen guest-star breakdowns that are listed as "booking off tape" - this is not going away.

  • Who are your go-to readers? Make the list now, and make sure these people know you are counting on them to be able to be called on.

  • You need to be able to do a live zoom callback from your home on a stable internet connection.

I was proud to know that none of these agents were complaining about Cinterra peeps - I expect as a team we will keep it this way! #smarterthantheaveragebear

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