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By: Brian Gilleece

Let's talk about this phrase the people want throw around so often of "making decisions from your heart."

Well, I really hate to break this to y'all, but when people say this to you it sounds ridiculous and you should tell them so. Go, "hey man, do you know how anatomy works?"

Your heart is not capable of making decisions. Your heart only pumps blood, thats it. The only sounds yourheart can make is "Dub Dub....Dub Dub....Dub Dub." It can't generate thoughts, opinions, emotions or help you with a decisions as our friend Sadhguru puts it so beautifully.

This phrase has become something way to literal. Kind of like when people say "I literally died" but we don't have time to get into that....

Human beings are the most intelligent species on the planet, and as far as we know, the most intelegent species that exists, period. We have this BIG brain, so complex, doing things even in this moment that we unaware of. Billions of neurons flying around, electricity being generated, computers infinitely stronger then any we can create, just sitting on the top of our necks, in a handy little case.

Why would we leave decisions about our lives, our choices, up to what is only a pump? Why would people want you to do that? How does this make any sense? Why would they tell you this?

Here's why.

What people are actually trying to get at when they say "decide with your heart" is encourage you to make decisions that YOU will be proud of 10-20-30-50 years from now.

Decisions that are not based in short term make-a-living type functions, but in terms of making a LIFE. If I live my life doing this thing, after 50 years will it STILL mean alot to me, was it worth it?

These decisions still deserve the expertise of your brain, but, 50 years later how will they feel? Were they authentic to you?

That's a heavy question.

Acting...Writing...Working in a creative fields is STILL something that should be decided, thought about. Your BRAIN should be involved.

All the things you do in the day around the business of YOU that you, your manager and your agent are working to create, should be deeply considered with that amazing computer in that handsome/pretty case of yours.

Every decision you make, from the amount of effort you put in everyday, to the way you treat people to how you deal with failure, critique, to the way you treat yourself. Take the time to use your brain and figure out the best next step, the best path forward. Don't use your heart, it doesn't know what its doing. It is just a pump.


As always I find Our Friend Mr.Sadhguru very interesting, enjoy!

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