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By: Brian Gilleece

Hope everyone is READY to rock Episodic Season, great shows and projects casting, let's make sure we are prepared and ready to make great choices! Which leads us to our topic: "THE INTERNET IS FOR-EH-VER" a.k.a HOW TO AVOID GETTING HEMMED UP ON DA GRAM:

-In case you haven't noticed, celebrities, athletes, politicians big and small are getting hemmed up for tweets, comments, responses and just all around tom-foolery on the web now a days, absolutly ruing careers that take ALOT of work to build.

And rightfully so, alot of what is being found out about some of these folks is just mind-blowing...Clients are dropped, shows cancled, careers tanked all because someone couldn't keep their hands off their phone, and for what? So like we do, let's chat about this...


  • Thinking about making a joke that is off color or has the potential to be misconstrued or marginalize a specific portion of the population? NAH, don't do it, there's nothing to gain here.

  • Someone on your feed has highly controversial views that show up on your time line? NAH, of course you can make an attempt to rationally be heard out, but do not over-engage, its just an energy suck.

  • Wake up at 3 in the morning and have a feeling/thought about something? NAH, its probably not a clairvoyant as you think, write it down, if its still great at 9am, maybe your on to something.

YAASSSSSSSSSS: There is LOT'S of great stuff you CAN do on Social-Media, such as support important causes that you are passionate about, have insightful and thoughtful conversations about topics across the spectrum, connect with family and friends, build your brand and share cat videos!!!

The LAST thing Jess, or any rep wants, is for anyone to feel like they can't support values they are passionate about, it's important to do so. SO, here is what you do do...

Example: Brent Pope was on the now defunct 'Roseanne' with a role that was potentially recurring. When Roseanne came out with her tweets and the show was subsiquently canceled Brent was disapointed and wanted to post to show outrage, but also did not want to show support of Roseanne. So guess what? He called Jess, they chatted about how to craft something that made sense, and they figured out together a perfect medium that showed support for the cast and crew of the show, but did not support the very radioactive Roseanne. Brent was safe and will live to fight another day.

Having a conversation around the right angle on something brings us back to old post topic, "Strategery", thinking with purpose. Run things by people you trust before you put something in print FOREVER. It is FOREVER on the internet to be found, referenced, used against you.......... Yikes.....Heavy, but true.


As an actor you ARE a public figure, the second you are in a film, television show or commercial. if your likeness is used to tell a story you are in the public eye in a way that Jimmy Hardhat on the jobsite will never be.

Perhaps he can afford to make insensitive 'jokes' with his pals and post whenever, with little to no regard, BUT, chances are his potential raise to a supervisor position will be unaffected. Actors, Musicians, On-Air Talent, Athletes do not have that luxury, and that's OK, it's part of the territory.

WRAP UP: We are in a GREAT business, THE BEST BUSINESS, we get to play for a living, the potential for exceptional income and lifestyle is very high, we work with the most creative and passionate people on the planet and we LOVE what we do, and lots of people can't say that about their work.

BUT, with anything great come trade-offs, and being just a bit more careful and thoughful on social media is one of them. Take care of your image the same way you would your body or mind and be mindful about WHAT is in print on the internet...For-Eh-Ver....You never know when someone will be looking into you!

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