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Feelin' Nick Folse-ey

By: Brian Gilleece

*HAPPY MONDAY!* A very happy Monday indeed as we are living in a post Tom Brady Super Bowl champion world.


I always try to lead with notions about momentum and using that momentum to catapult you to a different strata of your career, life, finances, etc but every once and a while a story comes around like the man Nick Foles. Don't know football, fine, then know this.

#FACTS -Career Backup quarterback -BAD, not Good, Disaster (picture Phillip Wilburn saying this) everywhere he was. -Considered quitting this past year at the age of 28.

NO, ZERO, ZILCH momentum, has barley played in his career and Boom, just like that, #1 guy out with a knee and the whole team is looking to this guy WHO know body in the football universe believes in to save the season for 50 + guys and a huge loyal fanbase. #presurecooker.

What did he do? 3 Play off wins vs the BEST teams in the league a dominating performance over the games best quarterback. Nick Foles is not only super bowl champion BUT Super Bowl MVP.

Nick created his own momentum off of opportunity. He had a life changing opportunity in front of him and rose to the challenge. This is what winners do, they Win. That is the sole difference between winners and losers, Thats it, winning. Not training, not genetics, not background, not looks, not race, not skills, winning the Mo-Fuggin Game when given the chance. #facts.

HOW DOES THIS CIRCLE BACK TO ENTERTAINMENT GUY!? Ever hear of Kevin Spacey, Maybe the movie "All the Money In the world?", sound like a pretty dam similar story docent it? Christopher Plumber steps in on NO notice and gives a powerhouse performance for a potential Oscar victory. The man came off the bench, stepped in for the #1 guy and made the project his own, and dominated it. #winner #dominated #powerhouse

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING AT? So what im talking about is, weather in the course of a year your have 25 auditions or 125 auditions (this is way to many by the way) THESE are you opportunities to create momentum for yourself , these are you'r playoff games, these are your chances. If you do not take each these opportunities and see them with a grander vision you are PLAYING YOUR SELF and you will be sadly mistaken at the end of the year when nothing has changed for you.

Its Sad, I don't want to see that for anyone, the hardest thing about being on this side of the industry for Jess Canty and I is watching actors get in their own way. 95% of people who don't do well, I kid you not, it is their fault in one way or another in a variety of fashions.

-Stay out of your own way. -Work Hard. -Love your self. -Believe in your self. -Be Nick Foles.


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