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Don't Piss on My Fire

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

By: Brian Gilleece

FANNING YOUR FLAME NOT DOUSING YOUR FIRE: A Friend of mine posted this video from Will Smith, it's fantastic... Give it a watch, then come on back and let's chat.

I'll wait.


Listen, Jess, Sarah & Bay all touch on the topic of how important it is who you associate with, because it is critically important to every artists success. The quote I LOVE from this is......

"Everybody don't deserve to be around you."

It's so true, don't be hanging with no jank ass jokers. #facts. It is just not a concept that we hear enough of because its not very PC, but ya know what, so what? It's true!

We're flooded with "everyone is equal", "treat people with respect" etc... etc... and those are true, in terms of fundamental human rights and day-to-day interactions BUT in terms of who has what juice and who has what potential, some people's energy, motivations, and vibes just do not deserve to be in the same room as yours! It's True.

We really do all need to wrap our head around the fact that if you think you are special, if you think you have some things that most do not and you are reaching for more, you need to protect that and not let regular folk douse your flame, because they will try, and unfortunately there are more of them then there are of us, so we have to be careful.


We have all been around the actor in class who will hit you side bar and tell you why class is not working for them, how their agent does not get them good opportunities or "does not do anything", how its harder for their casting type, or why things your doing won't work or (I love this one) how there are so many actors who are working that are just not as talented as them. Avoid Them. We have all been around the people in our personal and professional lives who ask for our advice and don't take it, make repeated bad decisions then complain to you or tell you all the ways they are getting screwed at work or school or whatever and squander your time with their soured vision of the world. Avoid Them.

"The Prerequisite for spending time with any person is that they nourish and inspire you..Feed your flame"


Good news is, it's usually pretty easy to tell who is fanning your flame. People who push you, people who are honest with you even when it's not what you want to hear, people who are positive and people who respect your time, both professionally and personally. These are all good indicators of people who are a positive addition to your journey and these are the only people your should actively be looking to spend time with. Your manager if your log, your agent is your log, your coach is your is your log, people on this team are your logs.

The journey we are all on is emotional and tiring and energizing and we absorb alittle bit from everything we do, every class, every set of sides, every performance, every booking and every non booking, we can NOT afford to fill any more space with "Jank Ass Jokers" who dont want to see us shine.

Don't let people piss on your fire, be smart about your surroundings and energy and let's go have an amazing week!

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