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By: Brian Gilleece

Heard a great quote last night during this Ken Burns documentary on country music.......

"If an Artist gets it right for themselves, they will have got it right for everyone"

Like Right though? Like Right? Ever walk out of an audition just knowing you nailed it? KNOWING, to your core? It's not because anything went any different with casting usually, or the interaction or the reader, or that your hair was so much better that day, or the waiting room was sooooo nice.

It's that YOU delivered on what YOU set out to do. You felt it, locked in, and did it right in the pocket. You got it right for YOU and more often than not that translates into positive results. Callbacks, Bookings, Fans. This is what the term "In the pocket" really means, it's comfortable, it's done with a degree of ease and it feels right by the artist, this is what we're after... In the Pocket = Right by you.

What if my right is wrong?

This can sometimes be the case, we're you can feel one way but what is being delivered or perceived is something way different. If this is the case and you are feeling or you are not seeing positive results you may need to recalibrate. Been in the same class that's a bit to supportive for a while? Maybe pop into a high level audition class? Meisner? Some mean people who yell at you?

Have certain outfits that make you feel "comfortable" to audition in but never yield results? Maybe switch that up? Use the same reader for self tapes but never get called back or pinned? Yah, maybe time for a change. All I'm tryna say is, if what you feel is "right" for you but is not effective be open to finding a new "right for yourself" because your gauge just may need a bit of adjustment.

What if I'm money in the bank?

First off, calm down. Secondly, are you the best? Are you the best at what you do? In town, in your category, are you the best at it? Does casting not even need to see your submission if they write a break down and they think of you? ( this recently happened to me for the first time and is extremely flattering if I do say).

Are you the go-to for what you do? I hate to break it to ya'll but if you are not trying to do this - be the go-to, be one of the best - you can always get got. Someone will always be coming up behind tryna' eat your lunch.

Survival of the fittest, so, if you are rockin' "money in the bank shawty what ya drank," how do we turn it up to 11? Constantly put your self in situations others can only dream of. Don't copy other people, make them copy you. Stay in love with the process

Never forget why you are doing this.

Becoming the best is about never being satisfied with what you've done. It's about continually improving who you are. It's knowing success will come because you know who you are and what you stand for. It's about initiating -- continually creating situations that force you to become more than you currently are. Purging yourself of all your imperfections. Evolving.


Everyone one is at different places, but everyone knows if they can be doing more, more to succeed, more to prepare, more to be the best version of what they bring.

Fallin' behind or want to get to the top. Well, hey man, "Dawrin, shit happens, I Ching, whatever man, we gotta roll with it"

PS- If you have not seen Collateral, you better check yourself.

Have a great week!

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