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By: Brian Gilleece

The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose."his dedication to his duties." Synonyms: commitment, wholeheartedness, single-mindedness, enthusiasm, zeal, application, diligence, industry, assiduity, resolve, resoluteness, purposefulness, conscientiousness, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, doggedness, drive, staying power, backbone, sedulousness.


It's really important to keep this word in mind always, especially in our business, as actors. I don't have to tell you, the word "Flake" comes up quite a bit when it comes to folks around here talking about actors. It's true.

Example: I just started playing hockey with a new group of guys last week, and they invited me to play on a regular basis, (4 goals dosen't hurt I guess LOL), I said, "Sure of course I'd love to."

We had chatted briefly about acting etc... very briefly, and the guy who invited me to play, before I left the locker room said "Hey if you are going to commit you need to commit, no flaking, we've had a few of y'all before."

I was like.... "Whoa whoa whoa guy, I'm from NY." And that seemed to fix it but, even in that community, who don't really know actors, know that actors have a tendency to "flake" or lack dedication. Yikes. No presure

So hey, no pressure, but all the wash-outs and people who couldn't hack it in this town before have informed casting, agents, managers, directors, AD's etc... etc... etc... opinions on YOU. Yup sorry.

You need to always, actively be combating that, be aware of that and pushing against that. Be aware that intrinsically, as an actor, you need to do more, and be better to show you dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm because many many before you have not. BUT! The good news is, committing is really the only choice you have...



So, what is your resolve this week, this month this year? What have you committed to? Could you stand to double down on some things and really be resolute in your drive to achieve?

Are you really committed to succeeding or do you flake on yourself? Do you leave effort on the table with tapes or auditions? Are you wholeheartedly going after the things you want or do you expect someone to do it for you or for it to just happen?

Are there areas of your work your could commit to improving? Do you attack the day with purpose or wait for the day to happen to you or for you? Are you willing to FULLY commit, put your self out, really give your best and let the chips fall were they may?

As one of the 36 actors brought in on any given role. Are you the one who commits, pushes, whole-heartedly brings it? Do you come early and stay late for this stuff or what?

"You simply can not tip toe to success, you can't sneak up behind it, you have to OWN it"

-Go Attack -Go Commit -Go Crush It

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