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By: Jess Canty

Hey Team,

So just an update that you will start to see/hear (if you haven't already) that most production is either shutting down or delaying their starts for the next few weeks.

Most if not all entertainment companies (studios, agencies etc...) are on either mandatory or voluntary Work from Home.

So... what to do with all of this extra time you will now have on your hands?


Have you always been planning on writing something you've wanted to shoot? Or just to try your hand at writing? Well, there is no more perfect time than being forced into social distancing and staying at home (i.e. what most writers do every day).


  • Write the short you've always wanted to write.

  • Create that character that you have never seen on TV that you just KNOW you could play - so that someday when someone asks you "what ideas do you have" you are ready!


  • Not ready to write a screenplay? Want to learn how? Start by reading the screenplays of your favorite movies. Typically a google search for the film title and "pdf" will bring something up - especially classic films. WGA 101 GREATEST SCREENPLAYS | WGA FUNNIEST SCREENPLAYS

  • Can't find your favorite screenplay online? Try a book on screenwriting instead. Cinterra recommends: Syd Field's Screenplay, William Goldman's Adventures in the Screen Trade, Blake Snyder's Save the Cat series and Michael Hauge's Selling Your Screenplay in 60 Seconds.

  • Want to discover the stories behind the most popular movies ever made? George Lucas' Blockbusting is an awesome resource!


Don't know your Truffaut, Antonioni and Kurosawa? Have you seen the top 20 grossing films of all time? Now is the time to catch up!

And from my personal favorite critic:


Do you find yourself pretending that you have watched classic TV shows when people quote them at cocktail parties? Not is the time to catch up!


Did you know that our own Sarah Baker Grillo's husband Javi has a fantastic podcast called The Children of Tendu AND that part of why they created this podcast in the first place was to give listeners a chance to ... "go to film school." #BOOM

Along with many of their episodes I HIGHLY encourage everyone to check out their December 8th Episode The Directorate of Tendu.

There is an invaluable discussion of the casting process - from the "other side of the table" - you know those writers and directors who are sitting there in your callbacks. Tune in and discover what they are looking for and what the process is from their point of view. Also, some great tips on #setiquette.

Bottom line - use this time wisely and to your advantage so that when we finally get back to work you are smarter and more prepared than the people who spent their time hoarding purell and masks that won't help them against coronavirus


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