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By: Brian Gilleece

We completed our 9 part series on PERSONALITY TYPES, and I will circle back next week to bring it all around, so let's chill on that and just talk quickly about something different........Sound good?

THE POWER OF CONSISTENCY: The power of consistency is profound and underrated. It can help you overcome a lack of natural talent (i'm not saying any of you have a lack of talent, calm down), and allow you to focus on the process instead of the prize.

If you can learn to do something consistently, you’ll tap into a much greater superpower than the habit itself: the belief that you’re completely capable of changing your behavior.

Once you’re capable of changing your behavior, you’ll be capable of making massive changes because little things done repeatedly lead to big changes in our lives.

  1. INCONSISTENCY SQUANDERS YOUR POTENTIAL: There are few things that will kill your confidence and your ability to succeed in a creative career, or any creative endeavor for that matter, like inconsistency. Incredibly talented people amount to a fraction of what they’re capable of solely because they are so inconsistent with what they do. I'm Drama, I'm Comedy, I'm in scene study, I'm in improv, I have black hair, now I have no hair. Starting something new so frequently, but never actually finish anything? Dangerous slippery slope. Successful creative careers are born in consistency. Think about your favorite TV shows. If they aired on different times and days every month, you’d never form the habit of watching the show. What would SNL be? TNL then WNL the FNL? If you want to benefit from exercise or learn a new skill it requires consistency. #facts

  2. CONSISTENCY CREATES MOMENTUM: Momentum is based on the idea that an object in motion stays in motion. When we’re consistent with anything that we do, we stay in motion. When we stay in motion we gather momentum, which is the lifeblood of any startup or creative endeavor.

  3. CONSISTENCY CREATES WILL POWER: Whether it’s eating the same breakfast, crushing the gym, killing yoga or any daily ritual or keystone habit, having something that you do every single day actually reduces decision fatigue and increases your willpower. Know these people who get new headshots every 2 months, but you have never seen them book a thing? Well, they lack consistency which in turn causes them to delve into their lack of willpower and act irrationally. Consistency = Will Power = Success

  4. CONSISTENCY JACKS UP YOUR SKILL LEVEL: -Y'all ever hear of the term, "Practice makes perfect?" I know its a bit obscure, but hopefully you're with me. With consistency, we move from a place of conscious incompetence to unconscious competence. When you consistently train a muscle or skill-set you can rely on your ability. Rather than thinking about getting to your goal. You will just get to your goal.

  5. THE MYTH OF SUPERHUMAN DISCIPLINE: The truth is that almost nobody has superhuman discipline, not even Kristen Hetzel, but she's close. Despite how much I value hard work and getting shit done, there are days when I slip up and waste part of my day checking email, facebook the 'gram, whatever. The discipline to do something on a consistent basis is a learned skill. It’s a lifelong work in progress that that requires constant iteration and experimentation. But good news! If you start NOW, you'll be pretty good by the time you die :)


If you want to change your life, your circumstances, your spot in the world, your career, start by changing your behavior.

And make the new behavior something you follow through on consistently that includes traits that will get you were you want to go!


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