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Clutch like Red

By: Brian Gilleece

Well, it is no secret if you read any of my Monday posts that I feel like the answers to many of life's "mysteries" can be solved if you look at competitive sport, and good news for your im 100% right :). The answers are all there SO, what is the difference between a guy on the top of the podium and the guy at the bottom......

Just 1 thing............ EXECUTION........

Red Gerrard, our Team USA Slope Style Snowboarder who won our 1st country gold medal is a WILDY accurate rendition of this. Allow me to elaborate.

WHAT HAPPENED? In slope style the riders get (3) Opportunities to ride a course and their best score of the three is taken. Red (17 Years old by the way, WTF?) had a very specific program he was running and on both run 1 & run 2 he fell trying to pull off a 1080 spin on the last jump.................Crunch time........ Red has no runs to put up on the board that could compete for any medals OR even a top 10 spot, he was in 14th out of 15.............STICK TO THE PLAN........Red runs the exact same run again hitting the same jumps in the same order............NAILS THE LAST JUMP........ Flawless execution on the same jump he had fallen TWO TIMES earlier in the day..........This launches him in to first place........Red posted the highest score of the day after posting two of the lowest scores of the day....


-Had a game plan -Was CLUTCH -Executed on his training -Looked our the windshield, not the rear view mirror.



You train and train and train but when it came down to it Red had to buck up and reach down and find a way to execute on his training in a time when it mattered THE MOST.

You train so that when game time crunch time comes you are ready and focus on how to win, not how to play........ Additionally Red was not phased by his prior failures, he could have let his falls derail his game plan but clearly, if executed upon the game plan he and his coaches had worked up IF EXECUTED ON was good enough to win gold. Its like auditions, your prior auditions have ZERO to do with the potential success of your current, they are statistically void, they don't exist, they don't matter they have no barring on potential results! Look forward, not backward, learn from but don't be effected by prior failures.

Train to win, if you train for any other reason then to win you are amateur, don't be amateur.

Take this to your auditions, you prepare So when you arrive you can let it fly and remembering the words is the last thing on your mind except for "How do I have the most fun" and "How do I make these people cut me a big fat check, today!"


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